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Our History

Trumpet & Horn - Our History

Scouring the world for rare estate jewelry and vintage diamond rings from decades past isn’t just a business model - it’s an obsession. Trumpet & Horn is passionate about finding one-of-a-kind engagement rings and unique jewelry that tell a story of history in the modern world. Our pieces have been loved and passed on throughout many generations becoming heirlooms and treasured family possessions.

On occasion, a special ring will strike our fancy, and we will recreate it for our line of vintage inspired engagement rings. The line carries a mixture of simple to sophisticated styles that are perfect for the modern woman.

Every piece in the Trumpet & Horn collection has a unique, never-ending story. When one door closes, another opens. By passing on vintage jewelry to new owners, Trumpet & Horn helps contribute to the richness of the story by adding your chapter.

Jerry Heidenreich

Jerome Heidenreich, Graduate Gemologist, carries the weight of his humming estate jewelry wholesale business on his shoulders.With over 30 years of trade experience in the US and abroad, his desire to find unusual jewelry and large diamonds render each day an adventure. His vast knowledge and cleverness carries well beyond the jewelry trade, as he has lived in Europe and traveled the world seeking fine jewelry and rare vintage objects for his business and personal collections. Jerry’s identical twin brother, Tom, is his right hand man (yes, you read that correctly… Tom & Jerry: the dynamic duo behind their buzzing wholesale business). Together, Jerry rules the roost and Tom keeps the train running from their busy office in the jewelry district of Downtown Los Angeles.

In recent years, antique engagement rings have become increasingly more popular, inspiring modern, newly made rings that are designed to look vintage. In 2011, Jerry and his wife, Kim decided they wanted to try selling authentic antique rings online, and scarcely a year later, Trumpet & Horn was born. In December 2012, Jerry officially launched the Trumpet & Horn website, offering couples a new place to view and try a huge variety of unique, antique engagement rings.

“A very talented team of web designers and business professionals run the business on a day to day basis,” says Jerry. “I love being a wholesale dealer. That is my gift. I supply the website with incredible inventory which is what I do best, and the web team does what they do best, marketing to young women who will love to wear a vintage ring when they get engaged. It’s a true love story for me, and ultimately for them. That’s what makes my job fulfilling in every way.” - Jerry Heidenreich, Founder of Trumpet & Horn

Kim Heidenreich

Kim Heidenreich is Jerry’s right hand girl and one-half of Trumpet & Horn’s very first couple. A 17 year veteran of the ad sales business with a degree in Communications from CU Boulder, Kim helps keep the T&H train running with her knowledge of media, public relations, and advertising.

Jerry and Kim met in 2009, falling in love on one of their first dates overlooking the beautiful cliffs in Palo Verdes, CA. Kim says that Jerry absolutely swept her off her feet that day, and two and a half years later, they were married in the exact same spot. Shortly after their big day, Jerry approached Kim about the idea to sell some of his antique and vintage engagement rings online. Impressed with his idea, Kim knew exactly what steps needed to be taken to move forward to get T&H off the ground, and within a week, Kim and Jerry were meeting with a web & packaging design studio. Six months later, the website was launched and took off running before Kim and Jerry knew what hit them. Together, their goal for Trumpet & Horn is to provide their audience of vintage jewelry enthusiasts a place to find great, one-of-a-kind engagement rings and fine jewelry, with the eventual hopes of expanding into wedding bands, vintage fashion jewelry, and collectibles.

“It never dawned on me while we were dating that our careers could meld this way. Jerry truly has the most lovely products, and my passion for marketing, branding, and sales was the perfect way to make this idea work. It’s far and away the most rewarding and fulfilling job we have ever had. It was indeed born completely from love.” - Kim Heidenreich, Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson is Trumpet & Horn’s very own Jack-of-all-trades. A graduate of the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business with a degree in Marketing, Kelly keeps T&H in business by managing the website and heading all marketing & advertising efforts. In addition, Kelly also lends her odd range of talents to the T&H team as the product photographer, photo retoucher, social media manager, graphic & web designer, data analyst, copywriter, and blogger.

In 2011, Kelly started her career in Los Angeles learning the basics of content management, blogging, and web design while honing her skills in marketing and branding for three years before making her way to T&H full time. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she is the only T&H team member without any prior professional experience with jewelry or antiques - but that would never stop her! Her passion for vintage jewelry was realized very quickly while helping launch Trumpet & Horn, and since then she has never looked back. As a fellow Minnesotan (Jerry & Tom are also originally from the land of 10,000 lakes), Kelly has truly found her place as a part of the T&H family. Lovingly nicknamed "the steel trap" by the rest of the team (because she can correctly identify 97% of T&H rings by the city name given to them), Kelly's love for this business shines through in everything she does. Knowing that her role at T&H has the end goal of enriching the lives of others fuels her creativity and always keeps a huge smile permanently on her face.

“I have always known that I was never cut out for an ‘ordinary’ job in the business world like my education trained me for. I took a huge risk moving out to Los Angeles at first as an unpaid intern at a web design studio to learn the more creative side of ‘business’, and it has been worth it 150%. I have always thought of myself as a storyteller more than anything else, and that is exactly what I am doing here at T&H. All the things I do for T&H are just strategic pieces of the puzzle that together make up the very essence of our brand, which at the end of the day is all about our customers - it’s all for them. I feel so satisfied with my work every single day because I know we are helping people write the next chapter in the story of their lives, and there is absolutely nothing better than that.” - Kelly Johnson, Director of Marketing

Tom Heidenreich

Tom Heidenreich, Jerry’s identical twin brother and an Accredited Jewelry Professional, has worked in the estate jewelry business for the past 20 years. After graduating with a BS in Business from The American University in Washington D.C., Tom decided that working on “the hill” was not his draw, moving seamlessly into the estate jewelry business and discovering his passion for sales and managing jewelry stores. Over the next decade, Tom worked for some of the finest LA jewelry stores until he decided he wanted more. Never one to rest on his laurels, Tom decided to open up his own vintage watch store until Jerry and Tom decided that their individuals strengths in the jewelry business were better when joined together. Today, Tom runs Jerry’s estate jewelry office with detailed precision and says he couldn’t be happier. After joining forces with Jerry in 2007, the dynamic duo make a day’s work look effortless; impressing clients with jokes, tall tales, and tons of laughter while the phones are ringing, printers are humming, and clients continue to pour in.

"Joining Jerry in business was the smartest career decision I have ever made. We're exactly the same and completely different - we can predict each other’s thoughts without exchanging a sentence. That's why it works and that's why we're so efficient. We do the work of 10 people and somehow we're rarely overwhelmed. Jerry's has a gift when it comes to jewelry, and I try and make sure I deliver the same level of excellence to the rest of the business. We love working together because we're doing what we love, and in my opinion, that's just a perfect day any day.” - Tom Heidenreich, Director of Sales

Eliza Burns Ehrlinger

Eliza Burns Ehrlinger, Graduate Gemologist, got her start in the jewelry business as a teenager, jumping on the train from Connecticut every chance she got to act as her sister’s viewing assistant at Christie’s Auction House in New York City. Her passion for antique jewelry only grew from there, spending her summers off from Occidental College interning at major jewelry auction houses including Sotheby’s in New York, Bonham’s and Butterfields in Los Angeles, and Bonham’s in London. After graduating with a BA in Art History, Eliza moved to New York City to attend the Gemological Institute of America, ultimately receiving her Graduate Gemologist degree and joining one of the biggest names in antique and estate jewelry, Camilla Dietz Bergeron, LTD, shortly thereafter.

After two years, Eliza realized it was time to join forces with her sister once again; moving to Los Angeles to start their jewelry business together. For five years, Eliza grew their engagement ring & vintage watch business and worked freelance for several international jewelry companies as a jewelry specialist for insurance and estate tax appraisals (she has a Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) certification as well). As if that didn’t keep her busy enough, Eliza also started her own jewelry design company called Bonafide Trading with a close friend, designing rough cut gemstone and diamond jewelry that they sell to boutique jewelry stores in the United States and Amsterdam. Eliza and her husband Charlie became a true T&H couple in July 2013 when they were married in beautiful Santa Barbara. When she isn’t buying and selling beautiful vintage jewelry, Eliza can usually be found chasing around her golden retriever (named Asscher, after her favorite diamond cut).

“I love antique jewelry because every ring, every brooch tells a story from the past. I hold a piece of jewelry in my hand and wonder who might have been wearing it and what was happening in her life at the time. I see a pair of platinum topped gold and diamond cluster earrings from the late 1800’s, and wonder: was she in France? Had she ever ridden in a car? Or a 14k rose gold bracelet topped with a cabochon citrine from the 1940’s: most likely from the United States - was her husband at war? Was she lonely? Did she listen the the radio at night while wearing it? Antique jewelry makes history so incredibly real for me; like I am instantly transported back to another time and place.” - Eliza Burns Ehrlinger, Gemologist & Associate Buyer

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