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A Vintage Engagement Ring & Antique Jewelry Blog by Trumpet & Horn

  • April 15, 2014

    New Engagement Rings: April 15

    Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...

    vintage inspired diamond wedding band Bordeaux is a vintage-inspired diamond wedding band exclusive to Trumpet & Horn.


    This stunning, handmade wedding band is a vintage-inspired Trumpet & Horn original and we are ecstatic to have this incredibly unique style in our collection. Although this ring may appear to be a standard diamond eternity band on first glance, each individual Round Brilliant Cut diamond is prong set with a beautiful fan-like pattern of platinum on each side; a historically significant technique called "French Set". The French Set technique was first used in the late 1500's, adding an undeniably distinctive antique touch to this otherwise simple and classic diamond wedding band.

    vintage art deco ring old mine cut diamond Mansfield is a unique vintage Art Deco engagement ring featuring a square Old Mine Cushion Cut diamond.


    Mansfield is an incredibly unique vintage Art Deco Era engagement ring made from platinum, featuring a beautiful 2.85cts EGL certified Square Old Mine Cushion Cut diamond graded H color and SI1 clarity. This remarkable main diamond is flanked by six diamond baguettes with an approximate weight of 0.34ct, and six Triangular Cut emeralds with an approximate weight of 0.10ct. This stunning emerald engagement ring is further enhanced by fourteen Single Cut diamonds with an approximate weight of 0.30ct throughout its ornate basket and shoulders.


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  • April 11, 2014

    Our Favorite Vintage Diamonds

    April-Diamondsvintage diamond engagement ringApril-Diamonds-2vintage diamond pindiscover-favorite-diamondsvintage diamond art deco braceletvintage diamond flower ringvintage diamond necklace


    It just so happens that April's birthstone is DIAMOND, and we're so proud to say that we have more than a few fabulous diamonds in our collection that we absolutely love and want to show off!


    We love vintage and antique diamonds for their uniqueness and rich history. Since vintage diamonds are cut by hand rather than cut by a machine, each one is very different and many jewelers designed the final jewelry piece around the diamond, instead of the other way around like many modern diamond pieces. We're so fascinated by diamonds (especially when they are vintage!) that we created an entire page on our website that is dedicated to the 4C's - click here to read more about why we love them so much!


    Click on each of our favorite pieces above to read a little more about it. Love sparkle? Make sure to play our video of the fabulous Belle Meade vintage 1950's diamond engagement ring, new to our collection this week, below. You won't be able to take your eyes off of it!


  • April 8, 2014

    New Engagement Rings: April 8

    Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...

    old mine cut diamond engagement ring Jamesport is an antique Victorian engagement ring shaped like a flower made of Old Mine Cut diamonds.


    Jamesport is a timeless vintage Victorian era engagement ring set in platinum and 14k rose gold. This beautiful halo engagement ring features an exquisite 0.63ct EGL certified Old Mine Brilliant Cut diamond, graded I color and VS2 clarity. Jamesport’s charming center stone is surrounded by an additional eight beautiful Old Mine Cut diamonds weighing approximately 1.20cts.

    yellow diamond engagement ring Sun Valley is an incredible Art Deco engagement ring featuring a striking 1.77ct Fancy Yellow diamond.


    Sun Valley is an incredibly striking vintage Art Deco era engagement ring made from platinum featuring a 1.77cts Old European Cut diamond accompanied with a GIA certificate stating Fancy Yellow and VS1 clarity. This unique and usual engagement ring showcases an intricate display of forty four Single Cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.50ct on a bombe style setting with a beautiful open circle motif throughout. Fancy yellow diamonds are incredibly rare in the shape of Old European Cuts, and we are so proud to have Sun Valley in our collection.


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  • April 2, 2014

    T&H Amethyst Ring Featured in Inside Weddings Magazine!

    trumpet and horn

    amethyst cocktail ring




    This week we're beyond excited to announce that a Trumpet & Horn vintage ring was featured in the Spring 2014 print version of INSIDE WEDDINGS magazine! The stunning amethyst cocktail ring featured in the Jewelry Box was made in the 1950's in a Victorian style featuring a 5.50ct deep purple amethyst. Wow!! We love it. Thank you so much to Inside Weddings for the feature!

  • April 1, 2014

    New Engagement Rings: April 1

    Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...

    yellow diamond engagement ring Sunny Springs is an incredible vintage engagement ring featuring a fancy yellow diamond.


    Sunny Springs is an incredible vintage colored gemstone engagement ring set in platinum featuring a stunning 1.73cts GIA certified Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow diamond graded VS2 clarity. This solitaire engagement ring design features the show stopping center stone in a talon-prong setting that is flanked on either side by two Emerald Cut diamonds weighing approximately .50ct. An additional six Round Brilliant Cut diamonds decorate the shank, giving Sunny Springs a truly glittering presence.

    vintage emerald engagement ring Indian Wells is a spectacular, unique vintage emerald engagement ring.


    Indian Wells is a vintage Art Deco era engagement ring made from platinum featuring a unique bright green sugarloaf cabochon emerald weighing approximately 2.44cts. This striking emerald engagement ring is accompanied with a Guild Laboratories Certificate stating this natural Colombian emerald is medium green in color and moderately included. The center stone is flanked by two bezel set Baguette diamonds and enhanced with eight Round Brilliant Cut diamonds with a total combined approximate weight of 0.55ct.

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  • March 31, 2014

    T&H Couple: Margaret & Alistair


    vintage art deco engagement ring


    HUGE congratulations go out today to our latest T&H Couple, Margaret & Alistair! This outdoorsy couple got engaged last month on a five day cross country skiing trip in Maine. Alistair proposed with the gorgeous Art Deco engagement ring, Canaan, on the frozen Flagstaff Lake in the shadow of the Bigalow Mountain Range. Margaret wasn't sure which ring Alistair had picked, and when she saw it was Canaan, she was absolutely thrilled! We're so happy for you two; congratulations again!!

  • March 25, 2014

    New Engagement Rings: March 25

    Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...

    vintage opal and pearl ring Smokey Hill is an antique Victorian cocktail ring featuring an opal surrounded by pearls.


    Smokey Hill is a romantic antique Victorian era engagement ring made from 14k rose gold centering a stunning round opal displaying a green and orange play of color. This soft halo engagement ring envelops the center stone with twelve round seed pearls. Evocative colored gemstone engagement rings like Smokey Hill were in high demand during the 1880's due to the popularity they had with Queen Victoria and her royal subjects.

    art deco engagement ring Rawlins is a vintage Art Deco engagement ring with unique marquise shaped diamonds.


    Rawlins is splendid vintage Art Deco era engagement ring made from platinum centering a 0.83cts EGL Certified Transitional Round Brilliant Cut diamond. The bright main stone is mounted high in a box setting flanked by a delicate marquise shape motif. Each marquise setting centers a Single Cut diamond with a total approximate weight of 0.10cts. Rawlins is a wonderful example of Art Deco era craftsmanship and aesthetic.

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  • March 21, 2014

    T&H Couple: Gina & Jim



    vintage diamond unique engagement ring


    This week a huge congratulations goes out to our latest T&H Couple, Gina & Jim! This lovely couple got engaged in beautiful Mexico - Jim proposed with the stunning antique Edwardian engagement ring, Westwood, and Gina said YES! Congrats to the both of you from the entire T&H team!!

  • March 20, 2014

    Vintage Aquamarine Rings


    vintage aquamarine cocktail ring



    Today is the official first day of Spring, and we're celebrating with this month's birthstone, AQUAMARINE!


    Aquamarines are loved throughout the world because they have a spectacular color, but most people aren't aware of the fantastic history behind these beautiful blue stones! Aquamarines are semi-precious stones, unlike a lot of the jewelry you see in our collection. Most T&H jewelry features precious gemstones, which includes diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Semi-precious stones are typically less expensive, and include aquamarines, amethysts, tourmaline, and citrines. These beautiful colored stones were typically used in war times (especially in the 1940's) because they were less expensive, and bigger stones (like Big Bear, above, which features an 8.66ct aquamarine!) actually exist without being outrageously expensive compared to their precious gemstone counterparts.


    The name "Aquamarine" was derived from an old Latin expression meaning "seawater", and rightly so, since these beautiful blue-green stones have an amazing glass-like luster to them. While they are most famous for the breathtaking medium sea blue color we've come to know (and love!) as "aquamarine", the gemstone can range in color anywhere from very light to dark blue with various levels of green.


    Did you know? Aquamarines are exactly the same as emeralds in terms of crystal structure, but the only difference is the chemical composition that makes aquamarines blue, and emeralds green! And while most aquamarines are mined in Brazil, they can be found all over the world in various countries like Mozambique, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russia.


    Aquamarines always remind us of 1950's glamour… what do they remind you of?


    Photos credits: T&H California Beach Video Shoot, Starfish, Beach windmills, Lifeguard stand, Vintage car, Beach scene

  • March 19, 2014

    The #1 Tool You Need to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

    buying an engagement ring online

    vintage sapphire diamond engagement ring

    vintage emerald diamond ring


    vintage diamond ringvintage diamond ringvintage opal ringvintage emerald diamond ringunique engagement ringart deco engagement ring

    We are BEYOND ecstatic to share that the eternally wonderful Weddings writer, Kim Fusaro, has written the most amazing article about T&H, entitled: "8 Stunning Vintage Engagement Rings - and the 1 Tool You Need to Buy an Engagement Ring Online"!


    In the article, Kim explains that while buying an engagement ring online might not be "the usual", it's completely possible if the company you're buying from shows a photo of the ring on a hand. While she notes that the plastic hands you might see on some sites are okay, showing the ring on a real live hand is better. Why is the hand shot so essential? Because it shows the size/scale of the ring (just how big does it actually look when you put it on?), and how it might actually look when you see it in real life. Sometimes seeing the ring on a hand changes your opinion completely - for better, or for worse! Kim says that based on the photo of the ring alone, her favorite is the beautiful emerald and diamond ring, Adairsville. BUT, when she saw it on the hand, it completely changed her mind, and her favorite became the other emerald and diamond stunner in the mix, Weatherford.


    Well, Kim, we COMPLETELY agree! A photo of the ring on the hand is essential! Our newest rings also show a photo of the ring on a hand from a completely different angle to show the side and height of the ring. Sometimes you may be in for a little surprise seeing your ring on a hand from a different angle - see our vintage flower ring, Woodstock, to see what we mean! Thanks so much for the wonderful article, Kim! It couldn't be more spot on!