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  • July 29, 2014

    T&H Featured on!



    We are over the moon to announce that T&H was featured on VOGUE.COM yesterday! Our dear friend Edward Barsamian included our vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT Root Beer Watch in his post: "The Best Jewelry to Show Off a Tan". This watch is our absolute favorite in our new collection of vintage Rolex watches; we couldn't be more excited to have it featured! Many, many, many thanks to!

  • July 29, 2014

    New Engagement Rings July 29

    Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...

    art deco engagement ring Noblesville is a stunning Art Deco three stone diamond engagement ring made from 14k white gold.


    Noblesville is a showstopping late Art Deco era 14k white gold ring centering a 0.82ct EGL Certified Old European Cut diamond graded I color and VS1 clarity, flanked on either side by two Old European Cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.65ct and graded I-J color and VS clarity. Noblesville is further enhanced by a delicate frame of twelve Single Cut diamonds totaling about 0.25ct.

    vintage sapphire and diamond ring Pawley's Island is a romantic Victorian era sapphire and diamond cluster ring.


    Pawley's Island is a romantic Victorian era cluster ring featuring an exquisite 0.75ct round natural dark blue sapphire mounted in a 14k oxidized yellow gold setting, further surrounded by a decadent halo of eight sparkling Old Mine Cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.75ct.

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  • July 24, 2014

    T&H Couple Jillian & Justin

    Trumpet and Horn vintage engagement rings

    vintage edwardian diamond engagement ring


    A HUGE congratulations goes out to our super sweet T&H couple, Jillian & Justin! This Los Angeles duo got engaged in beautiful Postiano, Italy on "The Path of The Gods". It was a breathtaking hike along the coast and it was on Jillian's bucket list - Justin waited 8 DAYS into their vacation to propose (after traveling through Madrid and Barcelona) because he knew how special it was for her. Justin set up a camera himself to capture the moment, and the photos are completely stunning!! Congratulations again, we're SO happy for you both!


    italy proposal

  • July 22, 2014

    New Engagement Rings July 22

    Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...

    vintage old mine cut diamond ring Sterling Ridge is an amazing Victorian era diamond cluster ring featuring Old Mine Cut diamonds.


    Sterling Ridge is a showstopping Victorian era cluster ring made from platinum topped 18k yellow gold. This elegant ring scintillates from every angle, centering an exquisite 1.19ct EGL certified Old Mine Cushion Cut diamond graded H color and VS1 clarity, surrounded by a delicate halo of eight additional Old Mine Cut diamonds totaling approximately 1.60ct in weight graded G-I color and SI clarity. This timeless halo ring will make a sparkling statement on any woman's hand and is another house favorite at T&H!

    vintage Edwardian diamond engagement ring Buckingham is a stunning Edwardian diamond ring featuring a 1.59ct Old European Cut diamond in a bombe style setting.


    Buckingham is a stellar example of Edwardian era design! This stunning engagement ring is made from platinum and centers a bezel set 1.59ct EGL certified Old European Cut diamond graded E color and VS2 clarity. The exceptional quality and size of the center diamond was very rare and unique for this period. Buckingham's bombe style setting is further adorned with sixty four Single Cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.75ct, graded E-F color and VS clarity, and is completed with beautiful milgrained edges and a tapered shank.

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  • July 21, 2014

    T&H Featured in Weddings in Houston!

    vintage inspired tiara engagement ring


    We're ecstatic to announce that the T&H Tiara I ring was featured this month in WEDDINGS IN HOUSTON magazine! Our vintage-inspired Tiara I ring was included in the feature: "Style From Head to Toe: Complete your wedding-day look with the perfect bridal accessories" on page 200. We're thrilled! Thanks so much to Weddings in Houston for including us! Click here to read the entire issue.

  • July 15, 2014

    New Engagement Rings July 15

    Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...

    vintage art deco engagement ring Mount Rainier is a vintage Art Deco era diamond engagement ring with an exquisite geometric design.


    Mount Rainier is a vintage Art Deco era diamond engagement ring made from platinum centering a 1.00ct EGL certified Old European Cut diamond graded F color and VS1 clarity. Everything about this engagement ring exemplifies Art Deco decadence. This unique engagement ring showcases two angular Baguette Cut diamonds horizontally placed to off-set the gleaming main diamond. The center stone is then encircled by a frame of eighteen sparkling Single Cut diamonds with a total approximate weight of 0.36ct., graded G-H color and VS clarity.

    vintage diamond cluster ring Greenhaven is a romantic antique Victorian cluster ring featuring ten Old Mine Cut diamonds.


    Greenhaven is a romantic Victorian era cluster ring made from platinum topped 14k yellow gold. This charming ring glows warm in color centering an exquisite 1.03ct. EGL certified Old Mine Cut diamond graded Q-R color and VS2 clarity, surrounded by a delicate halo of nine additional Old Mine Cut diamonds with a total approximate weight of 0.90ct. The contrast between the sunny center diamond mixed with the bright white diamonds really makes this ring a wow piece.This timeless halo ring would make a sparkling statement on any girl's finger and is another favorite at T&H!

    Image Map
  • July 11, 2014

    How to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

    how to save on an engagement ring


    You're thinking about getting engaged - congratulations! You might not be surprised to hear that "How do I save money on an engagement ring?" is a question we get all the time. It's true - an engagement ring is a huge investment not only for your relationship, but for your finances as well. We understand! Our best advice is to plan a budget and STICK TO IT. Let us help you get a little more bang for your buck with these FIVE tips below!


    1. Compromise on the 4 C's

    First of all, you need to know what the 4 C's are. If you don't, click to our "About Diamonds" page to read up first, and then come back! We can't stress how important understanding the 4C's is when you are buying an engagement ring. Knowing what you're looking at can save you thousands of dollars!


    CLARITY: The most important thing here is to pay close attention to the amount of inclusions. Diamonds that are more "internally flawless" (meaning they have LESS inclusions) are MORE expensive. If you're shopping on a budget, don't pay for something you can't see unless you have a microscope handy! To lower the price: shop for VS1, VS2, SI1, or SI2 clarity (any lower on the scale and you can definitely start to see that the diamond is flawed) and skip the VVS1 & VVS2 clarity gradings. Certainly don't shop for a diamond that's perfectly flawless!


    CUT: This is an interesting topic. Antique cut diamonds (including Rose Cut, Old European Cut, and Old Mine Cut) are typically cheaper than modern diamonds like the Modern Round Brilliant Cut or Princess Cut; usually by about 30%. The reason for this is mostly due to labor costs, which makes you very lucky indeed if you're like us and love vintage diamonds! The diamonds in vintage rings do not have labor costs associated with them because they have been around for decades, or even over a century. New diamonds are cut in factories with laser precisions tools, and these diamonds come with labor costs. To lower the price: buy an antique cut diamond!


    COLOR: To save a little money without sacrificing much in the looks department, skip the D, E, & F color grades. You end up paying more for the "whiteness" of these diamonds, but you can't actually tell there is any yellow in a diamond's color (to the naked eye) until you reach H. To lower the price: shop for colors G, H, & I for diamonds that appear pretty darn colorless, and will cost less than their D, E & F cousins!


    CARAT: This one is pretty easy! Smaller diamonds almost always = cheaper diamonds. Now, there is some room for exception here if we're comparing a small diamond that is perfectly colorless and flawless to a big diamond that is internally flawed and somewhat yellow in color. But, other things equal, smaller diamonds cost less. To lower the price: Instead of a 1.00ct diamond, buy a diamond around .90ct. This will save you a surprising amount in some cases. We'll revisit carat weight in #3 below for more ways to lower the price.


    2. Consider Colored Gemstones

    If your girlfriend is more of the adventurous type, take a risk. Often times, colored gemstones (both precious and semi-precious) will cost less than a diamond of the same size. Colored gemstones often allow you to upgrade the size of the stone without breaking the bank! We have plenty of colored gemstone engagement rings in our collection, including sapphires, emeralds, rubies, garnet, tourmaline and opals that are above 1.75 carats for well under $10K. In comparison, a high quality 1.00ct diamond has a benchmark price of $12,700, according to the Rapaport Diamond Index. Why buy a perfect, smallish diamond when you can get way MORE, for LESS? To lower the price: opt for a colored gemstone engagement ring instead of losing out on size if you buy a diamond on the same budget. *Be careful, though: there are some precious gemstones (like emeralds especially) that depending on their color, clarity, and vibrancy can actually cost more than a diamond of the same size. Just make sure you know exactly what you're looking at!


    3. Go For Lots of Small Stones

    If you've ever wondered why the "halo" style engagement ring is so popular, this is it. One of the easiest ways to get a big look on the hand without having to empty out your wallet is to take a bunch of small diamonds and put them together into one awe-inspiring design. The halo style plays tricks on the eyes - all they see is something BIG and SPARKLY, and suddenly it doesn't matter if it's one stone, or ten! The diamonds themselves, since they are small, cost much, much LESS than one large diamond ever would. To lower the price: look for halo style rings, or rings that have a more intricate design with one diamond in the center (usually 1.00ct or less) and a bunch of smaller stones around it. You won't regret this incredibly simple money saving trick!


    4. Choose a Ring With Fancy Metalwork

    In modern engagement rings, we see a lot less beautiful metalwork than we do in vintage and antique rings. Guess what? Platinum and gold cost less than diamonds do. Whoever said that an engagement ring has to have a diamond or colored gemstone as its focal point? Certainly not us! One of our most popular engagement rings, Peachtree, is a vintage-inspired ring that we recreated after discovering how popular the original Edwardian piece was even after it had sold. The focal point of this ring? The incredible floral design made from platinum that surrounds a small diamond that sits delicately in the center. We are completely serious when we say that this ring has a total of approximately 0.40 - 0.45 carats of diamonds and it's one of the most popular rings we've ever had with both our customers and the press. This stunning ring sells for just below $4K, which clocks in at just under the average price for an engagement ring in 2012. To lower the price: look for a ring that has an incredible overall design - the stones becoming secondary to the metal may help you keep several thousand dollars in that wallet!


    5. Shop Vintage, of Course!

    We hit a little bit on this point already (see #1, CUT) - but it doesn't quite stop there. Yes, an excellent reason to buy a vintage engagement ring is because the diamonds have already been mined decades ago, thus reducing labor costs. Additionally, with vintage engagement rings you skip the traditional markup that retail stores typically add on for new engagement rings. And if you're shopping at a luxury brand like Tiffany & Co. or Cartier? Expect a 40-50% markup just because you're buying a brand name. If that's for you, great! But, if you don't have extra cash to shell out for that signature blue, consider buying a vintage ring. No brand names, no labor costs, and no extreme markups (especially if you buy online!) To lower the cost: skip the luxury brands you've heard of and buy a vintage engagement ring instead. Vintage rings are all hand made, so the craftsmanship and uniqueness is often far superior to newly made engagement rings that are typically made in factories in mass quantities. Your relationship is unique - shouldn't your engagement ring be too?


    Happy shopping, and GOOD LUCK finding the perfect engagement ring! As always, e-mail, call, or live chat with us if you have any questions about shopping at T&H!


    References from: The NY Times

  • July 8, 2014

    New Engagement Rings July 8

    Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...

    emerald diamond engagement ring Breckenridge is a stunning vintage-inspired emerald and diamond double halo engagement ring.


    Breckenridge is a stunning vintage-inspired platinum, emerald and diamond ring that is a personal favorite of the T&H team! Centering a bezel set 1.64ct Cushion Cut emerald, this ring is accompanied with a GIA Certificate stating the beautiful emerald is of Colombian origin with minor clarity enhancements (F1). The center stone is the perfect emerald green color and has no visible inclusions to the naked eye, which is incredibly rare for an emerald! Breckenridge is surrounded by a halo of eighteen Calibre Cut emeralds and thirty Rose Cut diamonds, finished off with four Rectangular Cut emeralds on the shoulders of the ring.

    vintage sapphire diamond ring Matisse is a vintage Edwardian sapphire and diamond mixed metal ring.


    Matisse is an exquisite Edwardian ring made from platinum topped 14k yellow gold centering an impressive natural Cushion Cut natural sapphire gauged at approximately 2.40ct. This fantastic stone is accompanied by a Guild Laboratories certificate stating the sapphire is of Sri Lankan origin and heat treated. This gorgeous, bright sapphire is further surrounded by a delicate halo of sixteen light gray Single Cut diamonds totaling about 0.30ct, completed with a simple 14k rose gold split shank for an unmistakably vintage feel.

    Image Map
  • July 7, 2014

    T&H Couple Alli & Aaron

    trumpet & hornvintage emerald engagement ring


    A huge congratulations goes out to this absolutely adorable T&H Couple, Alli & Aaron! This Kentucky duo met three and a half years ago through a mutual friend just after Alli had moved back to Kentucky after attending law school in San Diego. After about a year of long distance dating and seeing each other only on the weekends, Alli packed up and moved to Louisville into an apartment with Aaron. Although Alli had jokingly proposed to Aaron on their third or fourth date and gave him a ring (which he kept!), Aaron decided to make it official this spring! He took Alli on a walk through the park and popped the question later at home with the beautiful Indian Wells ring... and she said YES! Ever since the proposal she's been flooded with compliments about her ring, and we can't say we're at all surprised. The 2.44ct sugarloaf cabochon emerald in this stunning Art Deco design is just amazing! Congratulations, you two - we couldn't be happier for you both!!

  • July 3, 2014

    A Love Match In July


    In tennis, a zero is called "love", which is an interpretation of the French word l’oeuf (for egg, which has a round shape similar to a zero). The term “love” could also have originated from the English phrase “neither for love nor for money,” indicating nothing. It is also traced to the 17th century expression “play for love,” meaning “to play without any wager, for nothing.”


    While love means "nothing" in tennis, it’s everything in life!


    Every Fourth of July before the chaos of the holiday sets in, T&H owners Jerome and Kimberly Heidenreich wake early to celebrate one of their favorite “non-traditional” summer traditions: “Breakfast at Wimbledon.” Dressed in all white, the Heidenreichs gather in front of the tube, with strawberries and cream in hand, to watch one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world.


    In honor of one of our favorite traditions, our very own T&H exclusive Wimbledon engagement ring exudes excellence down to the last detail. Starring a beautiful 1.04 carat Emerald Cut diamond, ornate lace-like filigree, and milgrained edges, we think that even the Royal Family would be impressed!


    Photos from: Northern California Style

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