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Vintage Engagement Rings April 25

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Our favorite engagement rings are...

Broadbridge is a unique and authentic Art Deco (circa 1920) platinum, diamond and onyx engagement ring. The ring centers a double-prong set 0.68ct GIA certified Old European Brilliant Cut diamond graded J color and VS2 clarity. The ring is accented by four Bezel set Old European and Single Cut diamonds on each corner plus an additional ten diamonds along the shoulders totaling approximately 0.50ct in weight. Broadbridge is further adorned with four bezel set Mixed-Cut Rectangular onyx, each gauged at approximately 3.6mm x 1.3mm. The ring is finished with lovely open metal work along the gallery and milgraining along the platinum edges. Broadbridge is currently a size 6.125 and can be sized to fit most ring sizes, but cannot be sized below a size 5. Please contact our concierge with sizing questions.

Capri is divine modern engagement ring that was handcrafted here in Los Angeles. The 14k rose gold ring centers a bezel set Rose Cut diamond accompanied by an EGL certificate stating that the 1.29ct diamond is graded E color and SI2 clarity. The incredibly low profile ring is handcrafted by our local jeweler using only recycled metal and an antique stone. The solitaire engagement ring is completed with a soft, matte finish. Capri is currently a size 6.5 and can be sized to fit.

Sitewide Earth Day Sale

In honor of Earth Day, an anniversary which commemorates the birth of the modern environmental movement, we are excited to extend an Earth Day discount to you! At T&H we are committed to eco-friendly, ethically sourced diamonds & colored gemstones because we believe that engagement rings should never have a negative impact on the environment or the communities that help to create them. Check out the details below!


WHEN YOU SPEND $500 - $999


WHEN YOU SPEND $1,000 - $3,500


WHEN YOU SPEND $3,501 - $7,000




**Discount automatically applied at checkout. Cannot be combined with any other promotion. Sale ends Monday, May 15 2017 @ 6pm PST. 

T&H Couple: Dagmarette & Alec

Congratulations to our latest T&H Lovebirds, Dagmarette and Alec! These LA based sweethearts came to shop with us in our downtown showroom, and we had an absolute blast with them! Aside from leaving our store with new BFFs, Dagmarette and Alec left with their sights set on their dream ring! Liz showed them a classic Victorian solitaire ring in a buttercup setting that hadn't yet made it onto our website and they fell in LOVE. Here's the sweet story that lead them to Trumpet & Horn. From Dagmarette:

We met on the set of Mad Men. Alec had worked in the art department for 3 seasons before I came along and to work in the costume department. Totally unaware of his intentions (and the fact he was even interested) I always thought our interactions were more work friendly. So when he invited me to play volleyball one Sunday with his friends I didn’t think anything of it. He even accidentally spiked a ball in my face and little did I realize (we joke) it was probably cupids arrow. Next thing you know, a first date, 3 years, and a rescued cat later, Alec proposed under a full moon atop a tower during our vacation in Cuba with a cuban band playing Buena Vista Social club. The 3 years leading up to the proposal have been challenging in our careers, jobs separating us across the country, but our relationship has stayed solid and our love has only grown. I think we knew pretty early on that we were meant to be together and this would be worth the fight.

Congrats you two! We are so happy to be part of your story! ♥

Vintage Engagement Rings April 18

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Our favorite engagement rings are...

Wake Forest is an incredible Victorian era (circa 1880) 14k yellow gold cluster ring that originally started out life as an all original and one-of-a-kind earring. The ring centers a prong-set 1.25ct Old Mine Brilliant Cut diamond accompanied by a GIA certificate stating the diamond is Fancy Yellow in color and VS2 clarity. The sunny center diamond is surrounded by a halo of nine Old Mine Cut diamonds, each set within a scalloped buttercup setting and totaling approximately 1.20ct in weight each graded I-K color and SI clarity. Wake Forest is finished with a handcrafted newly added 14k yellow gold shank decorated with delightful scrolling shoulders. The ring is currently a size 6.5 and can be sized to fit.

Union Square is the amazing "little" sister of Empire State, both of which are handmade vintage-inspired engagement rings that were crafted here in Los Angeles. The ring is modeled after a stunning Edwardian era (circa 1910) ring called Manhattan that sold very quickly on the site. This platinum and 18k rose gold beauty centers an antique Cushion Cut diamond accompanied by a GIA certificate stating the diamond is 1.50cts and graded J color and VS1 clarity. Due to the spread of the stone, it has the illusion of over a 2.00 carat diamond, creating a substantial presence on the hand. Union Square is flanked on either side by four Single Cut diamonds totaling exactly 0.11ct in weight. The ring is finished with a touch of milgraining along the platinum shoulders. It is currently a size 6.5 and can be sized to fit.

congrats @bandursnatch!

I guess that love potion worked! #thringselfie #sapphirering #rosegoldring #putaringonit

A post shared by Sara Bandurian (@bandursnatch) on

Vintage Engagement Rings April 11

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Our favorite engagement rings are...

Monterey Harbor is an extraordinary and authentic Mid-Century (circa 1950) platinum engagement ring. This refined beauty features a four-prong set 1.27cts GIA certified Emerald Cut diamond graded K color and VVS2 clarity. This classic engagement ring is further adorned by a pair of Tapered Baguette Cut diamonds, totaling approximately 0.20ct in weight. Monterey Harbor is a timeless and classic look that will never go out of style. The ring is currently a size 7.75 and can be sized to fit.

Empire State is a breathtaking handmade vintage-inspired engagement ring that was crafted here in Los Angeles. The ring is modeled after an incredible Edwardian era (circa 1910) ring called Manhattan that sold very quickly! This platinum and 18k yellow gold beauty centers a show-stopping antique Cushion Cut diamond accompanied with an GIA certificate stating the diamond is 2.25cts and graded K color and VVS2 clarity. Due to the spread of the stone, it has the illusion of a three carat diamond, creating a substantial presence on the hand. Empire State is flanked on either side by four Single Cut diamonds totaling exactly 0.11ct in weight. The ring is finished with a touch of milgraining along the platinum shoulders. Empire State is currently a size 6.5 and can be sized to fit.

Vintage Engagement Rings April 4

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Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...

Tuckton is a beautiful and authentic Edwardian era (circa 1915) engagement ring. The beautifully handcrafted piece centers a six-prong set 0.61ct EGL certified Old European Cut diamond graded H color and VS2 clarity. This incredible and entirely original Edwardian era ring is delicately adorned by intricate beading flowing along the shoulders and finished with a pair of Old Mine Cut diamonds flanking each side totaling approximately 0.03ct. Tuckton is the perfect example of a simple, yet elegant design from the early 20th century and is a true favorite here at T&H. The ring is currently a size 6 and can be sized to fit.

Canary Court is a gorgeous and authentic Victorian era (circa 1880) 18k yellow gold ring that most likely started life out as an earring. The diamond studded shoulders and shank appear to have been added after 1940 using older diamonds. The ring centers a triple-claw set 1.58ct EGL certified Old Mine Brilliant Cut diamond graded Q-R color and VS2 clarity. The warm tone of the center diamond pairs perfectly with the 18k yellow gold setting and is finished with tapering yellow gold shoulders studded with six Old Mine Cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.18ct in weight. The ring is currently a size 6.5 and can be sized to fit most ring sizes. Please contact our concierge with sizing questions.

Congrats @hrs4119!

He asked, and I said YES!!!!! #engaged #proposal #zanzibar #isthisreallife? #isaidyes

A post shared by Hannah (@hrs4119) on

Easy DIY jam jar wedding favors

As wedding season is upon us, we know you all are rolling up your sleeves and busting out the twine to attempt the hottest and newest DIY Pinterest craft. Providing favors for guests can be some of the most daunting of wedding details as the RSVPs trickle in. Fear no more! Our friends at Paperlust Australia have mapped out perhaps the most adorable of favors that will leave your guests feeling both charmed and craving biscuits. This favor is our jam ;) - T&H

Everyone loves a good handmade wedding favour, but when you’re the bride it can be overwhelming to try to think of something to give your guests. It needs to be simple enough to make some for all your guests without it taking too long or being too fiddly, affordable enough to fit into your budget, and easy enough to fit your crafting skill level (easier for some of us than others!).

Labelled jam jars are a perfect solution, making for cute souvenirs of the day without being overly difficult to put together.

The Labels

You can create your own labels using anything from Photoshop or Illustrator to a free online tool like Canva. You can then print and cut them yourself. If you’re going to do this, there are two options:

  • Print on a high quality card stock (please don’t print on regular printer paper!) to create tied-on labels
  • Print on sticker paper to create stuck-on labels

Another option is to organise to have the labels provided for you. If you are ordering online wedding invites, ask what they would charge to add labels or stickers to your order. Not only does this remove a whole step of DIY to make things easy, it ensures a great quality product and allows you to match the design perfectly to the rest of your wedding stationery. You could also get extra embellishments like foil stamping, raised foil or letterpress if you’re feeling fancy.

The Jars

Purchase small jars online or in a local shop. Don’t get too ambitious and buy jars that are too big. It’s easy to underestimate how much jam that will require you to make!

You absolutely MUST sterilise your jars right before filling them, to prevent bacteria growing in the jam and making all your guests sick. This is pretty easy with nothing more than an oven. Wash your jars in the dishwasher or in hot, soapy water before you do this. Preheat your oven to 180°C (350°F) and then line the shelves with a few layers of newspaper. Place your jars and lids in there, leaving a little space between each one, and bake for about half an hour. Alternatively, you can boil the jars and lids in a pot for 15 minutes.

Be very careful not to touch the inside of the jars or the lids after they have been sterilized! Keep those germs out.

The Jam

You can use any recipe you like for this, but here’s a classic we recommend!


  • 1kg (2lb) fruit - we recommend strawberries or apricots
  • 1 kg (2lb) white sugar
  • Juice of one lemon

Choose a mix of ripe and almost ripe fruit to ensure your jam sets with a good consistency. Unripe fruit has higher levels of pectin which is a necessary ingredient! Alternatively, you can buy pectin from the supermarket and add it to your mix as per the instructions.


  1. Mash together the fruit and sugar and let stand for 2 hours (the sugar will react with the juice to make the fruit soft and sweet). If you do this in the saucepan you plan to use, you can save on dishes.
  2. Add lemon juice to fruit and sugar mix and bring to boil over medium heat, stirring continuously.
  3. Allow to boil for 30-45 minutes, stirring as needed to prevent the jam sticking to the bottom of the pan. Foam will form on top of the mixture. Scoop this off and discard. You will need to do this a few times.
  4. When the jam is thicker and a deeper colour, it’s ready. It will still be quite a bit thinner than you expect jam to be: it needs time to set after cooking. To check if it’s ready, use a teaspoon that has been in the freezer to scoop out a little of the mix. Give it a few moments to cool, and check the consistency is the way you like it.
  5. Pour the jam into your jars. The jars should be freshly sterilized and still hot. Do not pour the jam into cold jars unless you want shattered glass ruining the batch!
  6. Screw the lids onto your jars tightly and flip them upside down. Let stand like this for ten minutes to seal, then pop the jars (right side up) into the fridge. Allow to cool.

Depending on the size of your jars, this will fill about ten (remember, smaller is best for this!). Jam is best made in small batches (something about the consistency and the even cooking!) so repeat as necessary to make the amount you require.

This jam will keep for about a month in the fridge (it must be kept refrigerated!) but you can store it in the freezer to buy yourself some time. Keep in mind that your guests will need time to store it and eat it too!

Putting It All Together

Once your jam is cooled and ready it’s time to put everything together. Punch a hole in your labels and use twine, string or ribbon to tie them to the jars, or stick them to the jars if you have opted for stickers. Voila! The perfect wedding favour, cute and handmade with love.

This was a guest post by Maddison Wallace from Paperlust. Maddison is head of content at Paperlust. She is a communications professional, postgrad student, part-time librarian, and occasional wedding photographer. She loves words and drinking cups of tea.

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