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Vintage Engagement Rings August 23

Oakley | Trumpet & Horn Golden Hills | Trumpet & Horn Cayucos | Trumpet & Horn Chandler | Trumpet & Horn Half Moon Bay | Trumpet & Horn Brushy Ridge | Trumpet & Horn Image Map

Our favorite engagement rings are...


Cayucos is a fabulous contemporary 14k rose gold or 14k yellow gold engagement ring. This feminine beauty centers a bezel set Rose Cut diamond (approx. 0.15ct) flanked on either side by six Round Brilliant Cut diamonds, each bezel set, totaling exactly 0.08ct in additional weight. Cayucos is further adorned with elegant milgraining along the rose gold edges and is finished with a thin, polished shank. This delicate ring sits low to the finger, and the unique addition of the center rose cut diamond makes this ring truly special. Please note this ring is made to order and could take 3-4 weeks for delivery. Specify ring size at checkout.


Half Moon Bay is an elegant and authentic Mid-Century (circa 1950) platinum ring. This perfectly classic design features a crisp 0.86ct EGL certified Emerald Cut diamond graded E color and VS1 clarity. The incredibly high quality diamond is highlighted by a pair of Baguette Cut and Single Cut diamonds lining each shoulder totaling approximately 0.12ct in weight. Half Moon Bay is a lovely ring and its timeless flair makes it a natural choice for any girl. The ring is finished with a hint of miligraining and is currently a size 7 and can be sized to fit.

Collaborator Spotlight: Carmen Santorelli














Image Map

Photography: Sara Weir | Event Planning: Meadowsweet Events | Event Planning + Design: Oak And The Owl | Floral Design: Oak And The Owl | Invitations: All Things Lovely Paper Co. | Hair + Makeup: The Halcyon Agency | Groom's Attire: Generation Tux | Venue: Vista Valley Country Club | Bridal Boutique: The Dress Theory | Cut Lace Back Wedding Dress: Watters | Film Processing: Goodman Film Lab | Hair Accessories: SIBO Designs | Long Lace Sleeve Wedding Dress: Claire Pettibone | Rentals: Folklore Vintage Rentals | Scalloped Top Wedding Dress: JLM Couture, Inc | V Neck Ballgown Wedding Dress: Watters | Workshop: Carmen Santorelli Photography

To see more shots from this stunning wedding inspiration, head on over to Style Me Pretty!

Vintage Engagement Ring August 16

Vancouver | Trumpet & Horn Desert Rose | Trumpet & Horn Anacapa | Trumpet & Horn Chaplin | Trumpet & Horn Silver Cove | Trumpet & Horn St. Tropez | Trumpet & Horn Image Map

Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...


Silver Cove is an exceptional and authentic Art Deco (circa 1930) platinum engagement ring. This geometric beauty centers a crisp 1.36ct EGL certified Emerald Cut diamond graded I color and VS2 clarity. A total of four bezel set Baguette Cut diamonds flank either side of the center stone, each tapering in size and totaling approximately 0.55ct in weight. Silver Cove is an incredible ring, and its linear design truly exemplifies the beauty of the Art Deco era. The ring is currently a size 7.75 and can be sized to fit most ring sizes. Please contact our concierge with sizing questions.


Desert Rose is an enchanting and authentic Victorian era (circa 1895) 14k rose gold ring that originally started out life as an earring. A 14k rose gold shank was recently added. The ring centers a stunning eight-prong set 0.48ct EGL certified Old Mine Cut diamond graded H color and SI2 clarity surrounded by a decadent halo of eight Old Mine Cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.75ct in weight. Desert Rose is finished with a simple shank accented with a touch of fluting along the shoulders. The ring is currently a size 6.5 and can be sized to fit.

Vintage Oxidized Engagement Rings


Oxidation is a chemical process that occurs when electrons leap from the metal and attach themselves to oxygen molecules. In the jewelry world, this process causes the slightly black, tarnished look that we so often associate with antique jewelry. Pieces that are made of silver or topped with silver, tend to oxidize quicker than those made of gold or platinum. Oxidation gives vintage jewelry a truly special antique look! The stones contrast beautifully with the oxidized metal and sparkle boldly.

Image Map

As a finishing touch to some of our newly-made, vintage-inspired pieces, we often deliberately oxidize the metal in order to give it a vintage look and feel. We love the way oxidation highlights the detailing in the metalwork. This is of course optional, and you're welcome to request a high polish finish in a vintage-inspired piece if that is your preference! You can see a great example of the difference below in our Claire Pettibone Dauphine ring:


As always, let us know if you need any help finding your perfect vintage dream ring! ♥

Collaborator Spotlight: Rachel May













Design and Styling: Cristina Calvert Signature Weddings & Celebrations | Photography: Rachel May Photography | Florals: Sweet Root Village | Calligraphy and Invitation Suite: Inloft Calligrpahy | Venue: Bethesda Country Club | China and Lounge Furniture: Something Vintage | Additional Rentals and Linen: DC Rental | Cake and Cookies: Lily Magilly's | Dress: Watters | Veil: Monique Lhuillier | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Tux: Capital Custom Clotheirs | Watch: Boone & Sons // Hair and Makeup: Alison Harper & Company | Ribbon: Adorn Company | Vintage Car: Personal Collection | Models: Mollie Thorsen & Curran Johnston

Vintage Engagement Rings August 9

Star Point | Trumpet & Horn Rockefeller | Trumpet & Horn Laurelhurst | Trumpet & Horn Bayville | Trumpet & Horn Lakeside | Trumpet & Horn Sunnyside | Trumpet & Horn Image Map

Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...


Rockefeller is an impressive and authentic Art Deco (circa 1925) platinum engagement ring embodying the geometric principles of the era. This glittering beauty centers a 1.15ct EGL certified Old Mine Brilliant Cut diamond graded H color and SI1 clarity. The stunning vintage diamond is set in a crisp box setting, accentuating its linear design. The ring is further decorated with geometric stepped down shoulders studded with six sparkling Single Cut diamonds with a total approximate weight of 0.10ct. Rockefeller is finished with subtle hand engraving along the shoulders and milgrained detailing along each platinum edge. The ring is is currently a size 6 and can be sized to fit.


Laurelhurst is a fabulous and authentic Victorian era (circa 1895) 14k yellow gold cluster engagement ring. This quintessential Victorian ring centers a four-prong set sparkling 0.66ct EGL certified Old European Cut diamond graded J color and VS2 clarity. The gleaming center diamond is brilliantly framed by a halo of twelve Old Mine Cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.30ct. Laurelhurst is a fantastic antique cluster ring and is a favorite here at T&H! The ring features an exceptionally low profile, making it comfortable for everyday wear. Laurelhurst is currently a size 6 and can be sized to fit.

T&H Couple: Saba & Jack


Congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn couple, Saba & Jack! This gorgeous duo did things a little bit differently, and we are SO glad that they ended up at Trumpet & Horn! The two met four years ago, on their second day of business school. It didn't take very long for them to become best friends and then fall in love. They come from very different parts of the world — she's from Pakistan, and he's from Vancouver — but it's always been about who they are as indviduals that has connected them. Their different backgrounds, however, did lead to some family drama last year, resulting in a quickly-put-together small wedding (stunningly captured above!). While the wedding was of course meaningful, it lacked romance and the tears of joy that they had always imagined would accompany their wedding day. Saba and Jack are determined to do it all over again, in a way that truly captures the essence of their love and commitment to each other. On a recent trip to Los Angeles, they visited our showroom and picked out what Saba calls her "perfect princess ring", our Victorian sapphire Parkview. Saba is patiently looking forward to a romantic proposal, preferably one that is NOT on a jumbotron (as Jack insists). We are so thrilled that your journey brought you to Trumpet & Horn and to the Parkview ring. We wish you many years of joy ♥

Chronology and Evolution of Rings

laura gordon photography

It seems to happen in the blink of an eye—a new fashion trend gains momentum and the previous one fades into the background. The same is true of jewelry trends, which is why certain eras are characterized by specific design elements and metal usages. Although some aspects of jewelry have shifted with time, many different kinds of engagement rings, styles, and designs have adapted to fit the current trends. Watch how the most popular wedding ring styles have evolved throughout the years, from the Victorian and Edwardian eras to modern day!


isla vistaskypoint diamond ringdove canyon diamond ringarlington

The solitaire is still one of the most popular wedding ring styles, upholding its reputation since the late 1800s. True to its name, a solitaire ring draws attention by prominently featuring a large centered stone. In the Victorian era, prong-set solitaires were the top choice, as this type of setting allowed more light to reach the stone and made it appear larger. Though detailing on bands was minimal in the 1890s and early 1900s, this all changed going into the Edwardian period, as evidenced in the stunning Sky Point.

During the Edwardian era, master jewelers artfully manipulated platinum into ornately detailed designs, often incorporating smaller accent stones. While a simpler solitaire could still be found, band detailing, like that in Dove Canyon, continued into the Art Deco and Retro periods. Then the bezel setting became the new craze—this is where the stone is partially surrounded by precious metals to hold it in place and protect it, rather than prong set.

It wasn’t long before the prong setting would make its triumphant return, though. The 1950s contemporary rings were all about glamour, and the bigger is better attitude started to reflect in different kinds of engagement rings as well.

Three Stone

redfern ringparkslope ringinnsbrook ringcobblehill ring

It’s no wonder that three stone rings have been popular for hundreds of years—they symbolize the past, present and future of a relationship. This style has certainly shifted since its debut, moving from round and colorful gemstones to a focus on a center diamond with bold accents.

Queen Victoria was well known for her love of colorful gemstones, showcased in Redfern, meaning many different kinds of engagement rings from the Victorian era included gemstones such as emeralds, rubies and opals. These, among other bold-colored stones, were often the star of three stone rings during this time. While most stones in Victorian-era three stone rings were typically round, the outer stones began to change shapes moving into later eras. Like in the rings from the Edwardian era, during the early 1900s, bold gemstones were out and diamonds were in.

This has remained the trend over the years: a diamond center with surrounding gemstones that vary in shape and color. True to most designs of the Art Deco period, box settings rose in popularity in the 1920s, which eventually shifted to ovals and pears. However, there is good news for those who love a pop of color—vibrant gemstones are making a return in contemporary three stone rings!


sapphire-diamond halo cluster ringnatural ruby diamond ringpaloalto ring glittering engagement ring

Cluster rings have given women a lustrous sparkle for years, but while that mega-shimmer factor has stayed the same, the style itself has seen a few makeovers. During the Victorian era, jewelry was often inspired by nature, so popular wedding ring styles often had a very floral appearance. Round, precious gemstones were usually surrounded by multiple smaller round diamonds and set on simple, yellow gold bands.

Like many different kinds of engagement rings, the detailing ramped up with the Edwardian era, evident in Orchard Park, circa 1910. Bands often included platinum and featured embellishments, such as flower petals and leaves. Additionally, the round center stone began to shift to an oval shape. By the late 1930s, a colorful oval stone was often at the center of a diamond cluster ring and white gold became the go-to metal. Present-day cluster rings, like the Hillspoint, are returning to their Victorian era roots with sapphire and gold, while also staying true to today’s trends.


diamond rose cutravennaredroof ring rockwood ring


Similar to the cluster ring, halo rings are perfect for those who want something to revitalize a larger stone. While clusters tend to feature diamonds that are similar in size than the center stone, a halo is often a series of smaller diamonds that seamlessly surround the large center stone. Furthermore, while most clusters are prong set, halos are generally bezel set.

Like the other Victorian era styles listed above, the main stone in a halo ring was usually round, along with its halo. Mixed metals were also popular during this time, such as a platinum setting with a yellow gold band.

Though mixed metals continued to be popular in different kinds of engagement rings moving into the Edwardian era, the actual halo became more innovative. In fact, some halos, similar to Ravenna, didn’t include any gemstones at all! White gold and other metals were often engraved with intricate patterns and milgraining for a unique, yet simple look.

During the Retro era, bright hues made their way into the halo portion of the ring, breathing new life into the style. Red Roof, a classic style, is still around today, even worn by celebrities such as Olivia Wilde. While diamonds were still frequently used in popular wedding ring styles as the centerpiece, other gemstones, like sapphires, emeralds and pearls, now drew much more of the spotlight. Comparable to its cluster counterpart, the halo ring slowly shifted from a very round shape to more of an oval. Nowadays, it is still possible to find the traditionally loved aspects in halo rings, but in even more daring shapes, including pears, hearts, and squares.

Bezel Set

victorian era cornflowerplatinum sapphire diamond engagement ringashland ringyellow gold charter oak

A bezel setting encircles all sides of the gemstone, often extending beyond the gemstone itself in different kinds of engagement rings. This type of setting helps to prevent scratching and chipping, and securely holds the gemstone in place. The transformation of the bezel setting is actually the opposite of what might be expected. Unlike many other styles that start off simple and become more opulent over the years, these rings started fairly intricate and transformed into more subtle designs with time.

In the Victorian and Edwardian eras, intricate detailing, such as milgrain edges, were extremely popular in rings with bezel settings. The regal sapphire was a frequent attribute in different kinds of engagement rings that were bezel set, while metalwork and extensive detailing were often the main focus. When the 1930s rolled around and the Art Deco era was in full swing, rings like the Ashland became the new vogue, and detailing gave way to smooth edges and shanks, mimicking the sleek lines of machinery and architecture during this revolutionary period. Although oval-shaped gemstones eventually began to replace more unique shapes in the 1960s, the most popular wedding ring styles throughout the contemporary era tend to have round, bezel set stones.


lakebaikal ringmeadowlark ring vintage sapphire ringstonefalls

Today, the princess cut is all the rage, but before it hit the contemporary jewelry scene, women were fawning over its predecessor—the emerald cut. Many different gemstones were transformed with the emerald cut, but one of the most frequently used was the sapphire. Along with the deep blue stone, halo detailing was very common in this style of ring for many years. While the latter eventually faded out, the regal sapphire has remained a favorite among different kinds of engagement rings with square cut gemstones. Lake Baikal, with a sapphire as blue as its namesake, is a perfect example of the Victorian emerald cut style, while Meadowlark is a prime illustration of its Edwardian counterpart.

Halos were popular until shortly after the Art Deco period, when rings like Lausanne entered the arena. Around this time, not only did jewelry designers scale back on halo detailing, but the trend of using mixed metals were replaced with singular use of white gold or platinum. Today, rather than elaborate detailing, different kinds of engagement rings have had the focus shift to the quality of modern stones and their flanking gems.


yellow gold ringvintage delicate ring hamiltontwinbridge

This style might not sound as familiar as some of the others listed above, but it is immediately recognizable upon first sight. A bypass style ring usually has a top and bottom component that conveys motion, flowing gently from diagonal lines through swirling shapes, and often appears to wrap around a center stone or the finger. Many different kinds of engagement rings that fall under this style feature an element of symmetry for a more uniform look.

Using multiple metals in one piece was a common practice in earlier eras, which is why Victorian pieces often have yellow gold alongside platinum or other materials. This gave the rings a very distinct appearance.

The representation of nature in jewelry and the mixed metal trend fizzled out during the Edwardian period, where bows and milgraining reigned along with romantic stones like diamonds and pearls. As popular wedding ring styles shifted with the Retro era, the well-liked round cut transitioned into cuts that were more angular, such as the stones in Hamilton. Square and baguette cut diamonds found their way into many rings in the 1950s, Twin Bridge is a testament to the trend, and the vibrant colors that the late 1800s were famous for, slowly started to make their way back into the mix.

An Evolution Revolution

Jewelry fashions are ever changing, but timeless themes always return, creating a seamless pattern throughout the centuries. Take a journey through time and explore over 200 years of different kinds of engagement rings and popular wedding ring styles. Don’t wait for the next new trend to emerge before you start searching for the ring of your dreams—find it today at Trumpet & Horn!

Collaborator Spotlight: Beso Events

















Image Map

Photography: Kristin La Voie Photography | Event Design + Styling: Beso Weddings & Events | Floral Design: Fragrant Design | Wedding Dress: Anna Campbell | Cakes: Urban Icing | Stationery: Rebeca Lynn Calligraphy | Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Makeup Artist: Bridget - with Sonia Roselli | Hair Stylist: Kristina - with Sonia Roselli | Hair + Makeup: Sonia Roselli | Calligraphy: Rebeca Lynn Calligraphy | Groom's Attire: Nicholas Joseph | Venue: Acquaviva Winery | Bridal Boutique: Alice In Ivory | Female Model: Angelika Rol | Hair Accessories: The Left Bank Bridal Finery | Linen Rentals: La Tavola Fine Linen Rental | Lounge Furniture + Custom Bar: Northern Decor | Male Model: Tim Lambert | Ribbon: Silk & Willow | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Tableware: Chicago Vintage Weddings

To see more shots from this stunning vineyard inspiration, head on over to Style Me Pretty!

Vintage Engagement Rings August 2

Sandalwood | Trumpet & Horn Seabring | Trumpet & Horn Perth | Trumpet & Horn Winthrop | Trumpet & Horn Falling Water | Trumpet & Horn Tempe | Trumpet & Horn Image Map

Our favorite vintage engagement rings are...


Seabring is an outstanding and authentic Art Deco (circa 1920) platinum engagement ring. This feminine and geometric beauty centers a four-prong set 1.66ct EGL certified Emerald Cut diamond graded K color and VS2 clarity. The center diamond's warm tone pairs perfectly with four white French Cut diamonds flanking either side of the center diamond. These rare and sparkling diamonds are further enhanced by four Single Cut diamonds lining the shank, all with an approximate total weight of 0.32ct. Seabring is further adorned with stunning hand engraving along the shoulders and elegant milgraining along the platinum edges. Seabring is a perfect example of Art Deco craftsmanship and would be cherished by any vintage lover! The ring is currently a size 7.25 and can be sized to fit.


Sandalwood is an adorable and authentic Victorian era (circa 1880) 14k yellow gold ring that most likely started out life as part of a stickpin or earring. A textured 14k yellow gold shank was added in the last 20 years. The ring centers a cluster of nine Old Mine and Single Cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.25ct in weight and graded F-H color and SI clarity. This sweet ring would make a beautiful and delicate engagement ring or could be worn as stackable! Sandalwood is currently a size 6.25 and can be sized to fit.

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