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T&H Couple: Saba & Jack


Congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn couple, Saba & Jack! This gorgeous duo did things a little bit differently, and we are SO glad that they ended up at Trumpet & Horn! The two met four years ago, on their second day of business school. It didn't take very long for them to become best friends and then fall in love. They come from very different parts of the world — she's from Pakistan, and he's from Vancouver — but it's always been about who they are as indviduals that has connected them. Their different backgrounds, however, did lead to some family drama last year, resulting in a quickly-put-together small wedding (stunningly captured above!). While the wedding was of course meaningful, it lacked romance and the tears of joy that they had always imagined would accompany their wedding day. Saba and Jack are determined to do it all over again, in a way that truly captures the essence of their love and commitment to each other. On a recent trip to Los Angeles, they visited our showroom and picked out what Saba calls her "perfect princess ring", our Victorian sapphire Parkview. Saba is patiently looking forward to a romantic proposal, preferably one that is NOT on a jumbotron (as Jack insists). We are so thrilled that your journey brought you to Trumpet & Horn and to the Parkview ring. We wish you many years of joy ♥

T&H Couple: Jennifer & Jesse


WOW! Have we got a gorgeous wedding to share with you OR WHAT?! If you're an avid follower of the T&H Couples blog, you'll recognize Jennifer & Jesse from their stunning Rocky Mountain proposal with our Wisteria ring. We didn't think it could get more beautiful than the moment she said "YES!", but they sure upped the ante with their wedding! The two travelled to Florence, Italy with their closest friends and family for the most breathtaking celebration we've ever seen. Jesse told us, "We are very excited. The wedding could not have been more perfect. The sun was setting over Florence and right as our officiant pronounced us husband and wife the church bells randomly started ringing. What a happy moment. Everything was perfect. I wish we could do it over every year! ...It all started with Wisteria. What a gorgeous way to begin a lifetime together. " ♥ ♥ ♥ Enjoy these stunning photos by Sophie Epton & be sure to check out the entire feature on Style Me Pretty.











Photography: Sophie Epton Photography | Cinematography: Emotionalmovie | Event Planning: Prestige Weddings Italy | Floral Design: Jardin Divers | Wedding Dress: Maggie Soterro | Cake: L'Arte Della Torta di Melanie Secciani | Invitations: C'est La Vie | Bride's Shoes: BHLDN | Catering: Villa La Vedetta | Hair + Makeup: Lapo Via Dei Fossi | DJ: DJ Mauro Vecchi | Groom's Attire: J.Crew | Venue: Villa La Vedetta | Bridal Boutique: Kleinfeld | Bride's Wedding Ring: Leigh Jay Nacht | Engagement Ring Box: Cartier | Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab | Groom's Ring: Charming Jewelers | Groom's Shoes: Ted Baker | Guest Book: BHLDN | Ribbon: Silk and Willow | Robes: Modern Celebrations | Veil: David's Bridal | Velvet Jewelry Box: The Mrs Box

T&H Couple: Caroline & Colin


Congratulations to this beautiful T&H Couple, Caroline & Colin! The pair were recently engaged with our stunning Old Mine Cut diamond cluster ring, Brush Hollow. The two had visited Trumpet & Horn a few months earlier, and Caroline fell in love with the Brush Hollow ring. She noticed that it was sold a couple of days later, and tried not to be too bummed out, convincing herself that the ring just wasn't meant to be hers. Little did she know Colin had snagged it! He had been working closely with Caroline's mom and sister to plan the perfect Nantucket proposal on Caroline's birthday. He knew he wanted to propose on her birthday so that they could celebrate with friends and family, but he hadn't quite hammered down where he was going to do it. A few weeks before, Caroline suggested that they have a drink at a bar right on the beach before meeting her family for dinner, completely unaware that she just helped plan her own proposal! Colin knew it would be the perfect place to pop the big question! He worked with Caroline's mom to hire their family friend Mark of Zofia & Co. to capture the whole thing. After finishing a glass of Prosecco, Colin asked Caroline to go for a walk on the beach. After a minute or so of strolling, Colin told Caroline he had another present for her and got down on one knee and proposed. She was thrilled and so surprised! Overall, Colin says "...the whole thing went down perfectly. Caroline never expected it to happen so soon, we have priceless photos to last a lifetime, and now I'm engaged to the girl I have been in love with for almost all of my life. Caroline and I really couldn't be happier and we can't wait to get married!" ♥ We are so thrilled for you two and so in awe of the beautiful pictures — what a special momento from the best day EVER! Congrats!

Nantucket marriage proposal at Galley Beach by Zofia and Co.

Nantucket marriage proposal at Galley Beach by Zofia and Co.

Nantucket marriage proposal at Galley Beach by Zofia and Co.

Perfect proposal photos by Zofia & Co Photography, Nantucket

T&H Couple: Suz & Dirk


Congratulations to Suz & Dirk, the newest members of the Trumpet & Horn family! The two were recently engaged with our incredibly perfect Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring, Collin's Creek. These sweethearts met at work, and after a few weeks finally agreed to spend some time together out of the office. Their first date was perfectly casual — beers, a rugby game, and a strategic appearance by Dirk's dog Reggie, who immediately stole Suz's heart. From that night on their love blossomed, and they soon adopted a golden doodle puppy named Jackson. The four moved in together and began their journey to happily ever after. One day, while perusing Instagram, Suz came across our picture of Collin's Creek and was immediately obsessed. She had always wanted a sapphire ring, and loved the unique and unusual shape of this one. She showed the picture to Dirk, and he caught her staring at it a few times after that. A couple of weeks later, Suz noticed that the ring was sold and was completely heartbroken, convinced that it couldn't possibly be on its way to her. Fast forward to their one year anniversary, which also happened to be right around Dirk's birthday. Suz surprised him with a snowboarding trip to Queensland, New Zealand. Little did she know, Dirk had a surprise of his own up his sleeve! After a long morning of snowboarding on Cardrona mountain, Dirk took Suz to a lookout which showcases a gorgeous, panoramic vista. Earlier in the day, Dirk had come up to this very same spot and spelled out "Will you marry me Suz" in rocks. When Suz turned around, she found Dirk on one knee with the most beautiful sapphire ring — the one she had fallen in love with months earlier. She enthusiastically accepted his proposal and the ring! She told us, "Every day I catch myself just sitting at work and admiring my beautiful Trumpet and Horn ring, the most special part for me is the vibrant color blue and the unusual length of the sapphire as it makes me really feel like it is a one of a kind piece just for me which is something new yet has be loved for 90 years." ♥ Congrats to you two! We are so happy for you!

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T&H Couples: Megan & Jon


Congratulations to the latest members of the Trumpet & Horn family, Megan & Jon! These Northeasterners were engaged with our perfect Victorian solitaire engagement ring, Williston! The two took a special drive up the beautiful Maine coast and Jon popped the question by the water. Megan absolutely loves her ring and hasn't stopped recounting the moment to everyone. We are so excited for you two and glad that our Williston ring has found such a perfect forever home. ♥ ♥ ♥



T&H Couple Brianna & Austin

Congratulations to our latest T&H couple, Brianna & Austin! These two sweethearts were engaged with the beautiful Lucca ring, an incredibly unique Victorian era cluster ring with an Emerald Cut diamond in the center. Austin so sweetly recounted the proposal to us that we'll share it straight from him:

The Lucca has found its home on on my fiance's finger in what was the most perfect engagement! Brianna had actually tried to show this ring to me a few months ago to give me an idea of what style she liked. What she did not know was that I had every intention of giving her the exact ring that she had fallen in love with. Once I had purchased the ring, she noticed that it was "SOLD" and was completely heartbroken that some other girl was going to be fashioning this ring on her finger. While Brianna was in Colorado on a work trip, I decided to fly out and meet her for a short vacation in Denver. On Friday the 13th (the odds were against me) we took a hike up Horsetooth Rock in Loveland, CO where I would get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. The views were spectacular and the weather could not have been more perfect! She was completely blown away when she saw the Lucca ring and recognized it immediately. Her eyes have been fixed on that ring since that day and she still keeps pinching herself to ensure that this was not a dream. Thank you so much for making our dream a reality!

We are so thrilled to hear that the lovely Lucca ring went to its biggest fan! Congrats again, Austin & Brianna ♥ ♥ ♥



T&H Couple: Josephine & Kyle


A huge congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn couple, Josephine & Kyle! The two were engaged earlier this spring with our handcrafted vintage-inspired ring, Windom. Kyle knew that Josephine would want something refined and classically beautiful, so our Windom ring was the perfect choice for her. These lovebirds met while attending college ten years ago in California. They developed a fast and easy friendship, and while Kyle's feelings for her began to develop early on, Josephine enjoyed his company as a friend. After college, despite hundreds of miles between them, their friendship remained strong. During an unlikely meetup, Josephine admitted to Kyle that she had feelings for him all along, but was moving to New York. Kyle knew right away that he had to take a chance on love, and followed her to New York. His decision proved to be a good one, and the two fell in love and built an amazing relationship, strengthened by the foundation of years of friendship. Three and a half years later, Kyle planned a special trip to upstate New York to spend a weekend in the Catskills — a place that had become very meaningful for them. Here is his sweet account of their perfect weekend:

I planned the whole weekend and gave her these little activity cards with poems telling her what we were doing every step of the way. On Saturday evening, just before sunset, we left the cute rustic Deer Mountain Inn (where we were staying) and took a hike to the top of a nearby hill.
As we got to the top, overlooking the valley, there was a little wooden hut that was decorated in flowers, balloons, and candles that we walked to. Also waiting for her up there was the final activity card, asking her if she would marry me.
She said yes!

Congratulations again! We are so thrilled that we could be part of your forever story! ♥

kyle-josephine-trumpet-horn-couple-creative-proposal kyle-josephine-sweet-proposal-vintage-inspired-classic-soliatire-ring

T&H Couple: Katie & Steve


Congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn couple, Katie & Steve! This DC based duo was recently engaged with our perfect Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring, Meadowlands. Katie and Steve were planning on going to pick up their new puppy, (adorably named Eleanor Lincoln Park), one fine Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, on the day they were supposed to get her, Katie had class, but Steve promised he'd meet her afterwards with the puppy. Sure enough, after class, Steve showed up with Eleanor (who had just had her first puppy accident inside his car, oops!) and suggested they show the pup her namesake— beautiful Lincoln Park. They walked around the park for a bit, and Steve said all sorts of wonderful and lovely things to Katie and then, next think she knew, he was on one knee proposing! Katie was ecstatic, and lucky for us, a hiding photographer captured the whole thing! They walked around the park a bit longer and debated calling family & friends to share their happy news. Steve suggested they just cherish the moment for themselves and then call their loved ones once they got home. When they walked in the door, all of their favorite people were there to greet them! Steve had arranged for both of their families and many close friends to come celebrate with them. It was the perfect proposal! And to top it all off, Katie LOVES her ring ☺ We are so thrilled for the two of you! ♥

T&H Couple: Kelsey & Aaron

Trumpet & Horn Reviews | Kelsey & Aaron

Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Kelsey & Aaron! This sweet DC based duo was engaged at the end of April with our very own vintage-inspired platinum Peachtree ring. Aaron proposed on a Machu Picchu hike with Kelsey's sister & brother-in-law standing by to take pictures. We couldn't get over how sweet their love story is, so we'll let Kelsey take it from here! Buckle up & grab a box of tissues!

We met ten years ago. My parents came to visit my sister and I for the holiday. My lovely mother wanted to go clubbing (yes clubbing). Of all people, Aaron started dancing with my mom. She brought him over to meet "her beautiful daughters". We had a terrible first dance because I was trying to be Beyonce and he was dancing like a normal person. He still got my number and came to spend the entire next day with my family. We said I love you about a week later.

We dated for a whirlwind year, then I moved to Australia to study. We took...six years off, ha.

Four years ago - I saw him at a baseball game, had a total panic attack and hid behind my friends. My sister forced me to go say hello. I tapped him on the the very minute he was explaining to his friends that I was the only girl he ever loved. He said it's always been you and the rest is history.

Now we have a fluffy floppy Goldendoodle named Walter and we can't wait to make the family official. My mom still takes credit for our love story...but it was a family effort.

We'll just be over here sobbing— what a great story! We are so happy to have been a part of it, and wish you many more great adventures ahead! ♥

Kelsey & Aaron | Machu Picchu Proposal

T&H Couple: Rachael & Max

Happy Couples: Rachael & Max | Dearing
We are so thrilled to share the proposal story of Rachael & Max, one of our very favorite couples with one of our all time favorite rings. The two dated briefly at Bates College in Maine, and then reconnected on the west coast shortly after graduation. Max moved to LA to attend business school, and Rachael immersed herself in the wacky world of startup fashion. After Max finished business school, the two moved up to San Francisco where their overwhelmingly Patagonia wardrobe was well-received and put to good use. When they're not working at their badass corporate jobs, Rachael & Max love exploring new restaurants, attending concerts, and camping in beautiful NorCal.

Rachael's [favorite & most beautiful & smartest] cousin Hannah works at Trumpet & Horn, so Rachael is no stranger to the barrage of glittering ring pics that clutter her Snapchat feed daily. Last summer, on a trip down to LA, Rachael & Max came to visit Trumpet & Horn and take Hannah out to lunch. Of course most of the visit was spent trying on rings, and once Rachael saw Dearing, a perfectly geometric Art Deco ring from the 1920s, she was speechless. A few weeks later, Rachael was back in town on business and stopped by T&H on her lunch break, just so she could wear Dearing around the office for a half hour. To say that she had a serious connection to our gleaming beauty would be an understatement! Fast forward to a few months ago, when out of the blue, Max contacted us to find out if Dearing was still available. HECK YES it was, and a half hour later, it was HIS! We sent it off to his folks for safekeeping until he was ready to pop the question. A week before the proposal, Max visited Rachael's parents and asked for their blessing, which they gave without hesitation.

For the big day, the two had a day trip planned up to Bodega Bay, an adorable coastal town about two hours north of San Francisco. Neither had been before, and both were excited to get out of the city for the day. Little did Rachael know, Max had packed overnight bags AND her dream ring! In the afternoon, they went on a hike to the highest overlook in Bodega Bay. There weren't many people around since it had been raining a few hours before and was still overcast. They took their time meandering through wildflowers and taking note of all the things in bloom and the stunning views of the ocean the the green hills surrounding them. It was there, at the top of the Bodega Head trail, that Max got down on one knee and asked Rachael to marry him. She enthusiastically said YES, even though the shock and happiness made it hard for her to speak. They spent the next two hours wandering around the trails, ignited by pure joy, until they realized they were so thirsty and set off for a celebratory drink! That's when the second surprise came in — Max had booked a stay at the Bodega Bay Lodge in a room with unobstructed ocean views. They spent the rest of the night drinking wine, eating cheese & crackers, and sharing their news with family and friends. When it finally got too late to call anyone, they were too excited to sleep, and instead opened the porch door and listened to the ocean and fog horn, relishing in the happiness and calm that surrounded them.

We couldn't be more over-the-moon excited for you two and are so happy that our Dearing ring went to its biggest fan! Congratulations! ♥

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