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T&H Couple: Kelsey & Aaron

Trumpet & Horn Reviews | Kelsey & Aaron

Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Kelsey & Aaron! This sweet DC based duo was engaged at the end of April with our very own vintage-inspired platinum Peachtree ring. Aaron proposed on a Machu Picchu hike with Kelsey's sister & brother-in-law standing by to take pictures. We couldn't get over how sweet their love story is, so we'll let Kelsey take it from here! Buckle up & grab a box of tissues!

We met ten years ago. My parents came to visit my sister and I for the holiday. My lovely mother wanted to go clubbing (yes clubbing). Of all people, Aaron started dancing with my mom. She brought him over to meet "her beautiful daughters". We had a terrible first dance because I was trying to be Beyonce and he was dancing like a normal person. He still got my number and came to spend the entire next day with my family. We said I love you about a week later.

We dated for a whirlwind year, then I moved to Australia to study. We took...six years off, ha.

Four years ago - I saw him at a baseball game, had a total panic attack and hid behind my friends. My sister forced me to go say hello. I tapped him on the the very minute he was explaining to his friends that I was the only girl he ever loved. He said it's always been you and the rest is history.

Now we have a fluffy floppy Goldendoodle named Walter and we can't wait to make the family official. My mom still takes credit for our love story...but it was a family effort.

We'll just be over here sobbing— what a great story! We are so happy to have been a part of it, and wish you many more great adventures ahead! ♥

Kelsey & Aaron | Machu Picchu Proposal

T&H Couple: Rachael & Max

Happy Couples: Rachael & Max | Dearing
We are so thrilled to share the proposal story of Rachael & Max, one of our very favorite couples with one of our all time favorite rings. The two dated briefly at Bates College in Maine, and then reconnected on the west coast shortly after graduation. Max moved to LA to attend business school, and Rachael immersed herself in the wacky world of startup fashion. After Max finished business school, the two moved up to San Francisco where their overwhelmingly Patagonia wardrobe was well-received and put to good use. When they're not working at their badass corporate jobs, Rachael & Max love exploring new restaurants, attending concerts, and camping in beautiful NorCal.

Rachael's [favorite & most beautiful & smartest] cousin Hannah works at Trumpet & Horn, so Rachael is no stranger to the barrage of glittering ring pics that clutter her Snapchat feed daily. Last summer, on a trip down to LA, Rachael & Max came to visit Trumpet & Horn and take Hannah out to lunch. Of course most of the visit was spent trying on rings, and once Rachael saw Dearing, a perfectly geometric Art Deco ring from the 1920s, she was speechless. A few weeks later, Rachael was back in town on business and stopped by T&H on her lunch break, just so she could wear Dearing around the office for a half hour. To say that she had a serious connection to our gleaming beauty would be an understatement! Fast forward to a few months ago, when out of the blue, Max contacted us to find out if Dearing was still available. HECK YES it was, and a half hour later, it was HIS! We sent it off to his folks for safekeeping until he was ready to pop the question. A week before the proposal, Max visited Rachael's parents and asked for their blessing, which they gave without hesitation.

For the big day, the two had a day trip planned up to Bodega Bay, an adorable coastal town about two hours north of San Francisco. Neither had been before, and both were excited to get out of the city for the day. Little did Rachael know, Max had packed overnight bags AND her dream ring! In the afternoon, they went on a hike to the highest overlook in Bodega Bay. There weren't many people around since it had been raining a few hours before and was still overcast. They took their time meandering through wildflowers and taking note of all the things in bloom and the stunning views of the ocean the the green hills surrounding them. It was there, at the top of the Bodega Head trail, that Max got down on one knee and asked Rachael to marry him. She enthusiastically said YES, even though the shock and happiness made it hard for her to speak. They spent the next two hours wandering around the trails, ignited by pure joy, until they realized they were so thirsty and set off for a celebratory drink! That's when the second surprise came in — Max had booked a stay at the Bodega Bay Lodge in a room with unobstructed ocean views. They spent the rest of the night drinking wine, eating cheese & crackers, and sharing their news with family and friends. When it finally got too late to call anyone, they were too excited to sleep, and instead opened the porch door and listened to the ocean and fog horn, relishing in the happiness and calm that surrounded them.

We couldn't be more over-the-moon excited for you two and are so happy that our Dearing ring went to its biggest fan! Congratulations! ♥

T&H Couple: Marikate & Sean

T&H Happy Couple: Marikate & Sean

Congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn couple, Marikate & Sean! Marikate is now the proud owner of our Victorian diamond cluster ring, Coronado. Sean proposed at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, an impressionist museum where they had their second date and very first kiss. During a recent visit Sean navigated Marikate to the gallery where they had their first kiss and was thrilled to find it empty. In that special place, surrounded by beautiful art they both love, Sean asked Marikate to marry him. She ecstatically said YES! Sean says that "Marikate LOVES her ring. She can't stop glowing over it. All of our friends cannot get over how much it suits her. It simply made the proposal perfect." We are so happy to be a part of your story! Congratulations ♥

T&H Couple: Clare & Scott


Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Clare & Scott! This sweet duo was engaged with one of our most special and historic rings ever, the Boulder Creek! The ring is from the Victorian era, and hallmarks on the inside allowed us to date the production to exactly 1858 in Birmingham, England. How cool is that?! We loved what Scott had to say about his special proposal, so we'll let him take it from here:

We met in college but didn't start dating until Clare had graduated and I was finishing my senior year.  A romance that began by watching a movie in West Philadelphia continued for two years in New York.  Our relationship became a long-distance one when I moved to California, but we managed to spend as much time as we could together, whenever possible in Italy, a place we both study and love.
On May 1st, I ate dinner with a friend at a Chinese restaurant.  The meal concluded with the most precise fortune cookie I've ever seen: "Remember three months from this date.  Good things are in store for you."  Struck by the unusual exactitude, I tucked the fortune in my wallet to be kept for the appointed date but soon forgot about it.  Clare and I had talked about getting married for a while by that point, but I wasn't planning to propose until the next year.  As the summer progressed, waiting seemed to make less and less sense.  By the end of July, I had found the perfect ring that I knew Clare would love.  I made plans to take her on a hike in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland where I would propose.  On August 1, as I was about to get into the car to pick up Clare, I reached into my wallet to get my Zipcar card, in front of which was tucked (much to my surprise!) a small piece of paper with a fantastic message.  We went for a beautiful hike, talked about things big and small, and I asked her to marry me.  Good things were in store indeed.
Congratulations! We are so thrilled to be part of your story♥

T&H Couple: Amanda & Nick


Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Amanda & Nick! These Omaha natives met a little over four years ago and have since moved across state-lines to Colorado together. Nick knew that he was ready to propose and wanted to find a unique yet gorgeous ring for his sweetheart. When he stumbled upon our site and saw our vintage-inspired Tiara ring, he knew it was the one! Coincidentally, Nick had a work trip planned to Los Angeles, so he snuck in a visit to Trumpet & Horn while he was here. He chose a platinum one, with a stunning GIA certified diamond. We shipped the ring off to Colorado and then Nick got busy planning the perfect proposal! The two share a deep love for live music, and their very favorite venue is the Ampitheatere at Red Rocks. In Nick's words:

"Red Rocks is such a majestic place and holds a special place in both of our hearts so it was the perfect place to ask my best friend to marry me. I was lucky enough to share the moment with my friends and family. I surprised Amanda as we met our friends at the top of the Amphitheatre and I surprised her once again when I got down on one knee and proposed to her. She was shocked to say the least after all the events that had taken place. Amanda loves vintage jewelry and the ring was perfect as she had not seen anything like it! The beautiful pear shaped diamond set in the Tiara ring fits her unique personality. The beauty, quality, and craftsmanship of the ring is exquisite, and I cannot thank Trumpet & Horn enough. She says she never wants to take it off and is upset that she has to go without it while it gets re-sized!"

Congrats again! We are so happy and honored to be a part of your forever story! ♥

Photos by Justin Cary

T&H Couple: Kailee & Tim

T&H Happy Couple: Kailee & Tim

Congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn couple, Kailee & Tim! These two Colorado sweethearts were engaged in March with our incredible Victorian cluster ring, Silverwood. Tim and Kailee had been talking about getting engaged for a while, and knew that it would happen sometime this spring. Tim wanted it to be a complete surprise though, so he hinted to Kailee that it was going to happen toward the end of April to throw her off. At the beginning of February, Tim made arrangements to come visit us in Los Angeles to look at some halo rings for Kailee. A few days before his appointment, Kailee showed him a picture of Silverwood telling him it was the perfect ring. A quick email to us and the ring was on reserve! Once he got to Trumpet & Horn, Tim knew almost immediately that Silverwood was indeed the perfect ring for Kailee. We spent another hour or so chatting and picking Tim's brain about his proposal plans. Tim left with a big hug and huge smile on his face, knowing that the ring would be in his hands in a few short days. Over the next two weeks, Tim endured the grueling task of trying to convince Kailee that he hadn't bought the Silverwood ring and had no immediate plans to propose. Meanwhile, he was busily scheming his San Francisco proposal plans, set for early March. Tim hired a photographer, Olivia Smartt, to capture the moment of his beachside proposal, but on the morning of, a giant storm hit the city, so they had to scramble to relocate. At the last minute, Olivia asked the great question of what else Kailee and Tim normally love doing together. Immediately he thought art galleries and Olivia managed to find one who was okay with Tim proposing there. Much to Tim's delight, moving the proposal to an art gallery also moved the proposal itself earlier in the day, so he had less time to be nervous. Kailee was a little confused as to why they were all of a sudden at an art gallery, and even more confused why Tim wouldn't get out of the way of the photographer (Olivia) trying to take pictures of the art. Standing in front of a gorgeous painting, Tim asked Kailee what her favorite part of the trip so far was. Kailee dodged the question, stating that it wasn't over yet, and threw it back at Tim. He answered by telling her a story and then reading her a poem he had written at the very beginning of their relationship. He kissed her, pulled her perfectly in front of the painting, and got down on one knee and presented the Silverwood ring. To say that she as surprised would be an understatement — she almost fainted! Throughout the entire proposal, she was shaking with excitement, and finally was able to speak a resounding "Oh my god yes!" After a few minutes of letting her process the moment, the two went to take some more pictures at the Legion of Honor. She beyond loves Silverwood and thought that the proposal was more perfect than she could've ever imagined. We couldn't be more excited for you two & are overjoyed that our gorgeous Silverwood ring has found such a happy forever home. Congratulations! ♥

Photos by Olivia Smart

T&H Couple: Karena & Bobby


Congratulations to our dear friends Karena & Bobby on their recent engagement! Bobby, a good friend of our owner, Jerry, worked closely with us to create the magnificent handmade Edwardian inspired ring, Santa Monica for Karena. The pair both love vintage and antique jewelry, and Bobby knew that the stunning 3.28ct Round Brilliant Cut diamond was the perfect stone for his perfect gal. The two had been talking about getting engaged for a while, but Bobby really wanted it to be a surprise, which was not an easy feat! In the fall, Bobby realized that both of their families would be present at the upcoming Tone It Up retreat in Laguna Beach and he leapt at his opportunity. During an evening concert at the retreat, Bobby came on stage to help play a song. Little did Karena know, after the song was over, his plan as to take the mic and lead Karena on stage. After some very sweet words and enthusiastic cheering from the crowd, Bobby got down on one knee and asked Karena to spend forever with him. Through tears and total shock, Karena gleefully said YES and slipped on her perfect new ring.

We couldn't be more thrilled for these two & wish them many more years of health, happiness and fun!!!

To see the full engagement story & watch the proposal video, head on over to the Tone It Up website!

Check out more shots from their stunning Palm Springs engagement shoot by Jana Williams!

T&H Couple: Erin & Landon

Happy Couples | Trumpet & Horn Reviews

Congratulations to our happily engaged couple, Erin & Landon! The two were engaged with the incredibly beautiful Art Deco sapphire ring, Brookhaven! At the end of January, Landon took Erin on a dogsledding excursion in picturesque Lake Louise. Nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, surrounded by a squad of adorable dogs, Landon asked Erin to marry him. ♥ We couldn't be more excited for these two and happy to be part of their forever story.

T&H Couple: Trisha & Thom

Trumpet & Horn Reviews | Happy Couple Trisha & Thom

Congratulations to our latest lovely T&H Couple, Trisha and Thom! Trisha is now the proud (and very happy!) owner of our exclusive vintage-inspired ring, Wimbledon. Thom sweetly proposed just after New Year's on a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Thom knew that Trisha loves all things vintage and historic, so he took her to the Cheekwood estate, an incredibly romantic spot that puts on a beautiful winter display. In Trisha's words, "It was by the holiday lights at the reflecting pool near the mansion that Thom surprised me by pulling a stunning box out of his boot (as that was the only place he could hide it that evening) and asked to spend the rest of our lives together!! I still get butterflies every time I tell our story!! I could go on and on and send so many more pictures.... All would be an attempt to express how unbelievably happy we are with our Trumpet & Horn engagement ring and the part you all have in the symbolism of commitment Thom and I have for each other!"


We couldn't be more thrilled to be part of your story and happy that our Wimbledon ring has found such a loving & deserving forever home. Congratulations! ♥

Photography by It's The Youngs Photography

T&H Couple: Siobhan & Ben

Trumpet & Horn Reviews | Happy Couple Siobhan & Ben

Congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn happy couple, Siobhan & Ben! These lovebirds from down under were engaged over New Years with the beautiful yellow gold Edwardian solitaire ring, Blackford. Ben and Siobhan started dating when she was 15 and he 16 —almost TEN years ago! Siobhan has always loved vintage jewelry and knew that she'd want an antique engagement ring. One day she stumbled upon the Blackford ring on our website and knew it was the perfect one for her. She sent an inquiry to our concierge and put us in contact with Ben. She tried to put it at the back of her mind and forget about it, but kept sneakily coming back to check the status and watch its glittering product video.


Fast forward a few months to the holiday season. The pair decided to go for a five day hiking and fly fishing trip in the beautiful Kahurangi National Park in Tasman, South Island, New Zealand (think Lord of the Rings country!). The first day of the trip, Ben surprised Siobhan with a helicopter ride over the park. But that was just the first surprise of the trip! The second day (which was New Years Eve) was spent at the beautiful Venus Hut. At about 10pm, Ben suggested they build a campfire and have hot chocolate and marshmallows. With the stars out in full force, and no one else around for miles, Ben presented Siobhan with the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen (her Blackford, at last!) and asked her to marry him. Of course she said YES! This was followed by three more blissful days of tramping through beautiful beech forests, swimming and fishing in pristine rivers. In other words it was perfect. And as icing on the cake, Ben got a couple of brown trout which made him very happy.


We are so honored & delighted to be part of your engagement story. Congratulations! ♥

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