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T&H Couples

  • January 21, 2016

    T&H Couple: Siobhan & Ben


    Congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn happy couple, Siobhan & Ben! These lovebirds from down under were engaged over New Years with the beautiful yellow gold Edwardian solitaire ring, Blackford. Ben and Siobhan started dating when she was 15 and he 16 —almost TEN years ago! Siobhan has always loved vintage jewelry and knew that she'd want an antique engagement ring. One day she stumbled upon the Blackford ring on our website and knew it was the perfect one for her. She sent an inquiry to our concierge and put us in contact with Ben. She tried to put it at the back of her mind and forget about it, but kept sneakily coming back to check the status and watch its glittering product video.


    Fast forward a few months to the holiday season. The pair decided to go for a five day hiking and fly fishing trip in the beautiful Kahurangi National Park in Tasman, South Island, New Zealand (think Lord of the Rings country!). The first day of the trip, Ben surprised Siobhan with a helicopter ride over the park. But that was just the first surprise of the trip! The second day (which was New Years Eve) was spent at the beautiful Venus Hut. At about 10pm, Ben suggested they build a campfire and have hot chocolate and marshmallows. With the stars out in full force, and no one else around for miles, Ben presented Siobhan with the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen (her Blackford, at last!) and asked her to marry him. Of course she said YES! This was followed by three more blissful days of tramping through beautiful beech forests, swimming and fishing in pristine rivers. In other words it was perfect. And as icing on the cake, Ben got a couple of brown trout which made him very happy.


    We are so honored & delighted to be part of your engagement story. Congratulations! ♥

  • January 13, 2016

    T&H Couple: Johanna & Jake


    Congratulations to the newest members of the Trumpet & Horn family, Johanna & Jake! The two were engaged over the holidays with one of our all time favorite rings: the Late Victorian era sapphire ring Bentley Ridge. Johanna had some ring size doubts that ultimately ended up with her ring temporarily lost in a pizza box! Oh no! Check out their full story below, as told by Johanna:


    Our love story began in San Diego, Coronado Island to be specific. Jake had suggested taking me to an oyster bar in downtown called Water Grill, one of the nicest first dates spots around. I am a big country music fan and had heard on Twitter that Tim McGraw (my favorite country singer) was going to do a surprise concert on the beach at the Hotel Del that evening. Worried he might brush me off for even asking, I texted Jake asking him if he would be ok with changing the date to running around the beach trying to find the concert. His response was, "Looks like we are going to the beach!" Looking back, I think I feel in love with him that night dancing and singing on the sand.


    Fast forward seven months from our first date. Jake and I are laying on the couch and he spies me looking at your Trumpet & Horn Instagram account. I love vintage jewelry, especially opal and turquoise, and had found your account while browsing to buy myself a special ring. He started asking me various questions about different styles and things I liked, which brought us to the post about what is now sitting on my hand, the Bentley Ridge. I had always wished that I had a family ring to be passed down to me, and told Jake that I thought it would be amazing to have a vintage piece and one day start that tradition for my children. This entire conversation in my mind was theoretical and would never come true. Little did I know he was taking mental notes the entire time. He asked me what size my ring finger was, to which I threw out "6.5" as nonchalantly as I would say I wanted sushi for dinner. Then a week later, I was putting on my turquoise ring and said to Jake, "Actually I think I might be a 7.5". Jake contacted you and had the ring re-sized to a 7.5. A few weeks after that, I was shopping for Christmas gifts and was trying on rings while Jake was on the phone and I said, "Oh wow this ring says 6.5 and fits my hand!", after which Jake quickly called you again, asking for it to be re-sized back to the original 6.5.


    Our engagement was perfect. Jake wanted to make it romantic and special, but he also knew it was for me, and that meant it needed to be intimate. The perfect solution was to have my best friend take me for a sunrise walk at the Hotel Del, the spot of our first date. He made a trail of rose petals from the sand to the ice skating rink and surprised me with our 2 year-old golden retriever, Charlie running up to get my attention. Jake took my hand and led me onto the ice saying, "A Minnesota boy met a San Diego girl. I wanted you to be near the ocean, but on the ice. I love you, and want to make you the happiest girl in the world every minute for the rest of your life. Will you marry me? I said yes! Charlie was running around the ice like a crazy dog, sliding on the ice. He was a better representation of my emotions as all I was able to do when Jake pulled out the ring was stand in thrill and shock. "Do you recognize it?" Jake said, "You know this ring."


    We spent the day celebrating starting with finally having our first date at Water Gill, and then a surprise engagement party at his apartment downtown. It was a wonderful evening with lots of friends, champagne, and laughter. When the festivities were over I began cleaning up and putting food away, at which point I realized my ring was missing. My stomach dropped. The air rushed from my lungs. I had lost my beautiful ring on my proposal day. I fell to the floor and began going through the trash, my girlfriend began rolling up here sleeves to dig into the garbage disposal. Luckily, our friend thought to look in the refrigerator where we found the ring nested between slices of pizza in a plastic container. Jake captured the whole thing on video which is funny now looking back with my ring perfectly attached to my hand (after it's third sizing to a proper size 5!).


    Johanna & Jake's tale is a true testament to our complimentary ring sizing policy — we'll keep at it until it's a perfect fit! Even though we're diehard pizza lovers over here, we don't think we could ever get behind a pizza topped with sapphires and diamonds, so we're glad your ring is back where it belongs! We couldn't be more excited for you two, and are overjoyed that you found your special piece of Victorian history to be cherished by your family for years to come!♥♥♥

  • December 2, 2015

    T&H Couple Dakota & Andrew

    T&H Couple Dakota & Andrew

    Congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn couple, Dakota & Andrew! The two were engaged in July in Ely, Minnesotta, just before embarking on an epic cross country road trip. Andrew proposed to Dakota with our timeless Retro era solitaire ring, Greylands. Andrew, a web developer, created a beautiful website commemorating their special day. It is definitely worth checking out for more photos & the full proposal story! These lovebirds are presently making their way across the US and documenting their whole journey on Dakota's blog, Maidinstone Buttermilk. We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome this adventurous duo to our T&H family. Congrats again! ♥

  • November 4, 2015

    T&H Couples Amber & Paul



    Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Amber & Paul — the sweetest couple with the sweetest engagement tale! It's so sweet in fact that we're just going to let you enjoy it straight from Amber! Here is her account of the magical day that lead her to her dream ring: the Napa Valley.


    Near Christmas last year, when Paul and I had only been dating a few months and marriage was far from my mind, I ran across a photo of Napa Valley on a vintage decor Pinterest board. I immediately thought it was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, which is unusual for me - I’m not usually particular when it comes to jewelry. I’ve never been one of those girls with a wedding Pinterest board, but I loved this ring SO much that I wanted to save it (just in case I could have a similar one made someday). I created a secret board with just one pin - Napa Valley - and forgot about it. Flash forward nine months, and Paul asked me one evening (totally out of the blue) what kind of engagement ring I would be interested in. I was so surprised he was asking, and completely embarrassed that I had saved a picture of a ring months earlier, but I loved Napa Valley so much that I decided to show him the photo. He took a screen capture of my pin, noted how much I love all things vintage, and that was it… he never brought it up again, except to mention that the original ring had already sold. I completely believed him. What are the odds it would be available for so long?


    A few months later, Paul and I planned a trip to Northern California to pick up some couches from a friend of his. Pretty mundane… I definitely wasn’t expecting a proposal! Little did I know, Paul was actually scheming to get me to Big Sur, one of my FAVORITE places in the world. His friend lived inland, so Paul had the daunting task of casually getting me to the coast. As it turned out, the Grapevine was closed the weekend of our trip due to mudslides and subsequent road closures. Suddenly driving up PCH didn’t seem so outrageous, although it was still quite a bit out of our way. Paul suggested we make our road trip more fun by driving along the coast, which seemed a little weird to me because it would mean so much extra driving, but I didn’t think too much of it.


    We left Camarillo early on a Saturday morning, watched the sunrise over Santa Barbara, and continued up Pacific Coast Highway. Paul had never driven this scenic, coastal route before, so we stopped several places along the way to take pictures.


    One place we stopped was especially beautiful. It was high on a cliff, with a stunning black sand beach below, and the most amazing turquoise water. We always joke that I need to take all the pictures in the relationship (I used to be a professional photographer, and photos are not Paul’s strong suit). I thought nothing of it when he casually asked me to take a picture with his phone. I did, and then turned around to hand the phone back to him. I was completely shocked to see him down on one knee, ready to propose! My first reaction was to get down on the same level as him, so I actually knelt in front of him… probably not the norm but I was so surprised! I (of course) said yes… several times if I recall correctly.


    As it turns out, Paul had planned an entire amazing day for us in Monterey, filled with my favorite activities. It was so considerate, and an absolutely perfect day. And at the end of it all, we actually did go pick up couches! Ha!


    I absolutely adore my ring. The best part of my morning routine is putting it on, and saying a prayer for the one who gave it to me. I can’t believe I get to wear it from here on out!


    Thank you so much for the part you played in our story. We are truly appreciative of you folks at Trumpet and Horn!


    A huge congratulations to you two from the entire Trumpet & Horn team! ♥

  • October 26, 2015

    T&H Couple: Thuy & Lance


    Congratulations to our latest MARRIED Trumpet & Horn Couple, Thuy & Lance! These newlyweds were engaged last year with our east/west set vintage-inspired White Oaks engagement ring. They were married in late August at the Garty Pavilion at the San Diego Rowing Club. Their intimate celebration included 80 of their closet friends and family members and was, as Thuy put it, "truly the best day ever!" ♥ Congratulations!


  • October 19, 2015

    T&H Couple Emilie & Adrian


    Congratulations to Emilie & Adrian, our latest T&H Couple! Adrian proposed to Emilie with the beautiful victorian era solitaire engagement ring, St. Cloud. He popped the question while on vacation in Iceland, at a hot spring in Westfjords. WOW —what a dream! Congratulations to both of you! ♥

  • October 12, 2015

    T&H Couple: Sharon & Alex


    Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Sharon & Alex! Alex came to Trumpet & Horn earlier this summer in search for the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend of almost three years, Sharon. Alex knew that she'd love something vintage and didn't want a traditional diamond ring. When he saw the beautiful Victorian era emerald ring Robinson he knew it was the one for Sharon. He purchased the ring, and then set off to plan the proposal. To celebrate their third anniversary, the pair took a vacation to Kauai. They decided to take a hike up near Waimea Canyon. At the end of the hike, the two were rewarded with a picturesque view overlooking a canyon. Alex suggested they sit down on a rock for a bit and relax. He then asked her to close her eyes, pulled out the Robinson ring and proposed. Sharon recalls, " I was surprised, happy, emotional, excited. Of course I said yes! Alex picked out the ring himself, and I love it! It also has my birthstone, the emerald. What a beautiful place to be for such a momentous event." ♥ We are so thrilled for you two! Congratulations!

  • October 5, 2015

    T&H Couple: Anna & Evan


    Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Anna & Evan! The two were actually married a few weeks ago, so DOUBLE congrats are in order! This duo met while at school in North Carolina, but didn't start dating until a few years later. Anna was living in Los Angeles at the time, and Evan in Brooklyn, but the distance couldn't keep them apart! Eventually Anna convinced Evan to make the move to LA and the two decided it was time to begin the rest of their lives together. Evan contacted Trumpet & Horn in search of a unique, one-of-a-kind ring. He set his eyes on the gorgeous Art Deco engagement ring Pinehurst, and knew it was the one for Anna. Evan proposed in July 2014 while hiking in Malibu at Solstice Canyon. The two had just made it up to a picturesque vista overlooking the ocean, when Evan reached into his bag for some fresh cherries. What he pulled out though was not cherries--it was a beautiful ring box with Pinehurst inside. Evan sweetly asked Anna if she would do the honor of being his wife, at which point she burst into tears and said "Yes, of course!". The two joyfully hiked down the mountain and enjoyed a small picnic before calling their families with the great news! Congratulations ♥

    Photos by the incredibly talented photojournalist (and Anna's longtime friend) Cassie Timpy.

  • September 28, 2015

    T&H Couple: Amber & Earl

    amber-earl02 amber-earl03
    A huge congratulations to our latest Trumpet & Horn Couple, Amber & Earl! This darling Michigan couple was recently engaged with our incredibly romantic vintage Edwardian ring, Clydebank. Earl had been scouring the Internet for the perfect ring for Amber, often sending her snapshots that she quickly rejected. After much searching, he found the Clydebank ring and sent a picture of it for her approval. She LOVED the ring and told Earl it was the perfect one. A few days later and the ring was marked sold on our website. Earl told her he'd have to keep looking, but little did she know, HE had bought the ring! Earl also knew that Amber had wanted a "project car" to work on, and had once said that she'd rather have a proposal car than a proposal ring. Earl bought a E30 BMW for her to work on, and planned on proposing to her with both the ring and the car! With Amber's dream ring and dream car in possession, Earl concentrated all efforts on making her dream proposal come true. His number one priority was surprising Amber, so he decided to propose on his own birthday, gathering their friends and family in the parking lot of a local restaurant while the two of them dined inside. During dinner, Earl got a text from one of his friends telling him to come outside. When they walked outside, their family & friends were crowded in the parking lot holding up signs that spelled out "Happy Birthday!" Earl turned to Amber and asked if she'd planned this, and she said "No..." He quickly responded, "That's because I did!". He then got down on one knee and their loved ones flipped the letters to spell out "Will you marry me?" Amber joyfully said YES and slipped on her new ring. But the surprises weren't over yet! Amber's best friend had flown in from Memphis and appeared with an envelope and note from Earl. She opened the envelope and found the key to the BMW! Totally shocked and fully happy, Amber celebrated with Earl and their loved ones all eve. We are so happy for you two and thrilled that you found us! ♥

  • August 13, 2015

    T&H Couple: Devan & Andy


    Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Devan & Andy! These two lovebirds met in college at a mutual friend's party. On their first date, they learned that they grew up only ten minutes from each other and even worked the same summer job without ever meeting! After seven years of dating, Devan & Andy came to Trumpet & Horn in search of the perfect vintage engagement ring. When the Victorian era cluster ring Nantucket hit our website one fine Tuesday morning, Andy snatched it up within minutes. He knew it was the perfect ring for her. For the proposal, Andy chose his family's lake house (his "Happy Place") in Sebago Lake, Maine as the setting. He took Devan to the dock at sunset and popped the big question. Devan was ecstatic, and the two celebrated alongside family, friends, and a spectacular sunset. The pair are set to be married in Mexico next October. Congratulations you two!

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