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t&h couple: andrew & megan

Congratulations to two new members of the T&H Trumpet Tribe, Andrew & Megan! Andrew surprised Megan with a custom T&H platinum halo ring after a hilariously rough start to her birthday weekend. Here is their adorable story:

Andrew surprised Megan with a trip to Puerto Vallarta for her 26th birthday and whisked her away to the Garza Blanca resort. On the last day of their vacation, Megan's actual birthday, they decided to go kayaking to a secluded snorkeling spot. Little did they know, Megan and Andrew are HORRIBLE at kayaking, as they proceeded to fall behind the group and struggle to paddle in a straight line. Megan got sea sick, may or may not have cried, and eventually they made their way back to shore. Andrew promised the day would get better even though it was off to a rough start. After landing in LA, they went back to the house to drop off their bags and get ready for Megan's birthday dinner. That is when Andrew led her to the backyard where he (with the help of her parents) recreated their first date complete with candles, roses and a gorgeous ring from Trumpet & Horn. It was there that he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Only minutes later did her parents burst through the doors to celebrate with champagne! It was by far the best birthday she's ever had.

Photography by Matthew Nigel

Cheers ya'll! Here's to many more adventures together! (Minus the sea sickness!) ;)

T&H Couple: Erin & Tim

Congratulations to new members of the T&H family, Erin & Tim! These adventurous lovebirds were engaged on a trip to Patagonia with our Victorian solitaire, Roswell. Erin told us a little bit about their history, so we'll let her take it from here!

Tim and I met through the dating app, Bumble.  I literally went on 80 online dates, I'm not even kidding.  Tim went on ONE online date - with me!!!!!  So he thinks online dating is the best :)  On date four (I invited him on a weekend trip to Death Valley for a camping trip with two of my girl friends), Tim asked me (seriously) to elope with him (after we both said 'I love you' for the first time).  Although tempted, I convinced him to hold off a few months to be a bit more traditional (hey, I wanted a nice ring and fun party!!!).  He waited until I passed my OBGYN oral boards this past January, then popped the question while we were hiking in Patagonia (Chile side).  And now we are trying to pull off a wedding this year :)

Congrats again, Erin & Tim! We are so thrilled that our Roswell ring found its forever home with you! ♥

T&H Couple: Dagmarette & Alec

Congratulations to our latest T&H Lovebirds, Dagmarette and Alec! These LA based sweethearts came to shop with us in our downtown showroom, and we had an absolute blast with them! Aside from leaving our store with new BFFs, Dagmarette and Alec left with their sights set on their dream ring! Liz showed them a classic Victorian solitaire ring in a buttercup setting that hadn't yet made it onto our website and they fell in LOVE. Here's the sweet story that lead them to Trumpet & Horn. From Dagmarette:

We met on the set of Mad Men. Alec had worked in the art department for 3 seasons before I came along and to work in the costume department. Totally unaware of his intentions (and the fact he was even interested) I always thought our interactions were more work friendly. So when he invited me to play volleyball one Sunday with his friends I didn’t think anything of it. He even accidentally spiked a ball in my face and little did I realize (we joke) it was probably cupids arrow. Next thing you know, a first date, 3 years, and a rescued cat later, Alec proposed under a full moon atop a tower during our vacation in Cuba with a cuban band playing Buena Vista Social club. The 3 years leading up to the proposal have been challenging in our careers, jobs separating us across the country, but our relationship has stayed solid and our love has only grown. I think we knew pretty early on that we were meant to be together and this would be worth the fight.

Congrats you two! We are so happy to be part of your story! ♥

T&H Couple: Courtney & Erin

Congratulations are in order for another very happy T&H Couple, Erin & Courtney! These two were engaged with our classic, Mid-Century ring Pine Ridge. Erin wrote us the sweetest summary of their love story, so we're going to let her take it from here!

Court and I met in 2011, and we knew within the first few months that we were meant to be. But it wasn’t until several years later, while enjoying happy hour during an amazing vacation in Maui, that we first really talked about marriage. After returning home, we decided that we each wanted to pick out our own engagement rings, that we both wanted something a little different and unique, and that we’d rather avoid buying new diamonds. I came across the Pine Ridge ring early in my search and immediately knew that its clean lines and classic retro style—as well as its name!—were perfect for me. It was a little out of our price range, though, so I kept looking elsewhere (but I couldn’t help coming back to peek at Pine Ridge every once in a while). One day, to my surprise, the ring was on sale, so I immediately got in touch with Tom and snapped it up. When it arrived it was everything I hoped it would be, and more!

But that’s not the end of the story…Court and I really wanted all the romance and surprise of a proposal, so when I returned the ring to T&H to have it resized Court took charge from there, with Tom helping her keep it a secret when the ring was shipped back. And Tom, Court, and I also got to share our mutual joy and congratulations that now we can all be legally married anywhere in the country. Meanwhile, Court found her own engagement band, and without me knowing, started planning her proposal. A few months later, just a couple days before our 5-year anniversary, I came home from work on a random Thursday evening in the middle of a snowstorm, and opened the door to find that the entire house had been transformed into Maui happy hour! There was patio furniture in the dining room, fairy lights everywhere, a soundtrack of ocean waves and Hawaiian music, Court and our dog were both wearing Hawaiian shirts, and Court offered me a fresh flower lei that had been shipped from Hawaii. The surprises kept coming: Court had also made all of our favorite Hawaiian foods and drinks, covered the window with a giant poster of a Maui sunset, and had a whole assortment of Maui treats and souvenirs, all of which she had been ordering from Hawaii and sneaking into the house for weeks! I had no idea that she was doing any of this! Eventually, after I had a mai tai and recovered a little from my initial shock, Court said, “Well, you probably know why I’ve brought you to Maui…,” got down on one knee and asked me to marry her, pulling Pine Ridge out of her Hawaiian shirt pocket. Of course, I said yes, and then Court handed me her own engagement ring so I could propose right back. Luckily, she also said yes.

We’re planning on a fall 2017 wedding in upstate New York, and we are so delighted that T&H and Tom were part of our engagement experience. And we can’t wait to return to Maui!

We are so happy for you two! May you never lose the magical spark that can turn a snowy afternoon into paradise! ♥

Photos by Rachel Philipson

t&h couple: liela & jacob


Congratulations to our latest T&H couple, Liela and Jacob! These lovebirds were engaged over the holidays with our vintage-inspired sapphire Tiara ring. Jacob surprised Liela at the hospital where she works as a nurse, getting down on one knee in front of all her coworkers. When we reached out to Jacob for a little background story, he responded simply "What can I say, but that she stole my heart (literally) from our first conversation...My heart knew right away. She knew 4 days later. We've been inseparable ever since." We are so glad that you found us and found the perfect ring, fit for your queen! Congratulations! ♥


T&H Couple: Brenna & Tom


A huge congratulations to newlyweds Brenna and Tom who were married this past September with our vintage-inspired Degas and Van Gogh rings! Brenna sent over the sweetest recap of their romance, so we'll let her take it from here!

Tom and I met at the end of 2014 at Octane Coffee in Atlanta, where we both lived at the time. He was a cute guy reading a book on European travel and happened to have the only seat left at the place right next to him. So I sat down and began chatting with him which ended up leading to 2 hours of just sitting and getting to know each other. We began dating after New Years. Tom was in medical school and was matched to the University of Michigan for his residency program, so while neither of us had thought about the possibility of moving in together it turned out perfectly. We were engaged by the end of 2015, in a very non-romantic way haha. Tom came home one day ran up the stairs called my dad and then came sprinting out of the room and proposed. We followed the proposal with a bike ride and tacos, while this isn't romantic it fits our super relaxed lifestyle.

Fast forward a year to our wedding on a rainy September Saturday, everyone is panicking about the rain and running rampantly about, but Tom and I just stayed calm. The sun came out and the ceremony proceeded as planned. Everything ended up going so perfectly and looking so wonderful, and the rain left everything looking shiny and crisp for our photos. The English Inn couldn't have been a more quintessential Michigan location, Tom and I adored everything about it from its brick walls to the Michigan pines, it couldn't have been a cuter place. While neither of us were the ones who thought we would enjoy having a wedding, it turned out to be a perfect day.

Congratulations! Thanks so much for choosing to make your special purchase (twice!) with Trumpet & Horn ♥ !

Photography: Yana Benjamin with George Street Photography | Venue: The English Inn | Purple Dress: Reformation | Flowers: Parsonage Events | Invites: Wedding Paper Divas




T&H Couples: Karen & Qing

A huge congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Qing & Karen! We had been working with Qing for quite some time to find the perfect amethyst ring for his girlfriend Karen. He saw a picture of our Grace ring from the Claire Pettibone collection with an amethyst, a ring that never actually made it on our website! Luckily for Qing, we had one in stock! Just as fate worked its magic to get this one-of-a-kind ring to Qing, it also had a hand in how he met Karen! Four years prior to their engagement, the two were randomly seated next to each other on a plane ride to London. Wow! Qing proposed on a trip to Okinawa, a picturesque Japanese island. Qing says, 'she's a big fan of the colour purple so the proposal was done in that theme, with purple flower box filled with purple roses, a purple labelled vintage Dom Perignon and of course your absolutely brilliant amethyst ring. Okinawa was the perfect location for the proposal with its pristine beaches, turquoise water and blue sky. We're absolutely elated to be where we are now!" Karen adores her ring. We are so excited that you found us, Qing, and wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness and joy ♥ ♥ ♥



T&H Couple: Alex & Joe


Congratulations to our latest MARRIED T&H Couple, Alex & Joe! These two were engaged about a year and half ago with one of our all time favorite rings: Kensington, an Edwardian era solitaire with the yummiest Old Mine Cushion Cut diamond. When Alex emailed us the pictures of her romantic elopement, a hush fell over the Trumpet & Horn office. Breathtaking is an understatement! And the story that goes along with the stunning pictures, makes it even more special. Here's Alex's tale:

Joe and I had been together almost 8 years and engaged for nearly a year and a half with no set wedding plans. We both didn't want a traditional, big wedding. (I've been a bridesmaid 7 times, and while I loved being able to stand by my best friends at the altar, I just couldn't imagine being in their shoes and enjoying myself!) Joe and I both felt that getting married is really about the two people joining together and it's a rather intimate thing so eloping seemed to make a lot of sense. But we didn't decide to take the plunge until two weeks before we actually left for New Zealand!

With a quick google search and a phone call, we booked the whole wedding package in less than 24 hours through Heliweddings. It's an amazing husband wife duo that run the company and take care of absolutely everything. The husband, Fredrik Larsson, is the photographer and he definitely deserves all the credit for capturing some amazing moments of us that day.

On the big day, Joe, myself, the photographer, and the officiant boarded a helicopter which took a quick 10 min flight up to a ledge that overlooks all of Queenstown, NZ.

Standing on top of the mountain, and reciting the vows we wrote for one another, we felt like the only two people in the entire world. And for us, there was no more perfect way to start our lives as husband and wife.

We didn't tell any of our friends or family until after we were married (and that's a tough secret to keep!), but everyone was so supportive and not all that surprised we did it our way. We celebrated with a few small parties and perfect backyard bbq's once we returned home.

Looking back, we can't imagine having done it any other way!





WOW! What a perfectly stunning and personal way to commemorate your commitment. We are so honored to have played a small part in your magnificent day. Cheers! ♥

Photos by Frederick Larsson of Larsson Weddings

T&H Couple: Fabienne & Alexander


Congratulations to another beautiful T&H couple, Alexander and Fabienne! This Swiss duo visited our showroom on a recent trip to Los Angeles, and we helped them make the Rose Gold Meridian ring of their dreams! Alexander chose a vintage Old Mine Cut diamond and our jeweler handcrafted the perfect solitaire ring for Fabienne. While visiting San Juan Island in the state of Washington, Alexander popped the question in a picturesque field. Alexander told us, "Everything worked out perfectly - she said yes! We had an amazing day on San Juan Island. It was a perfect end to a perfect year." ♥ Cheers! We are so excited to be part of your story!

T&H Couple: Jessy & Cody


Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Jessy & Cody on their recent engagement! Jessy found her dream ring on our site — Calabasas, an Art Deco piece with the loveliest pearl. We'll let her take it from here because her account of how the ring became hers is just too wonderful and sweet!

Cody (my now fiance) and I have been together for 4 years. As you can imagine, I have been wanting to get engaged for quite some time. A couple months ago, I found the Trumpet and Horn website and FELL IN LOVE with Calabasas. I (seriously) went to the website daily to look at this ring. I sent the link to Cody and really tried to emphasize how much I loved this ring... I mean come one, it was even my size! One day, I chatted with Kim from Trumpet and Horn about how much I loved this ring. It sounds like this ring was also a favorite at your store... which made me want it even more. Well, that Monday, I went to show my co-worker the ring of my dreams and it had the little "sold" tag next to it. I was devastated. That was MY ring, after-all. I told Cody how sad I was that it had sold and he pretended to not remember which ring I was talking about "oh? that pearl ring sold?" So, of course, I did not suspect he bought it. Over the month that followed, I was still sad about this (seriously, I was holding a grudge). I even told Cody that maybe I should get a custom ring made like it... but it just wouldn't be the same! I even was checking T&H Instagram account to see if you posted a story about who was lucky enough to get Calabasas.

So, fast-forward to July 29th. Cody tells me that we are going to celebrate one year of living in Chicago. Our "place" is the Italian Village, a restaurant that is special to us because it was the first place we went when we visited Chicago in 2012. We had a really lovely meal and for some reason I was rambling on about how I had been watching Little House on the Prairie (yes, I am a total dork) while I've been on summer break and I should probably get the box set (which is shaped like a little log cabin, by the way). I went to pull up a picture of this gem on my phone to show Cody and when I looked up, he had slid the beautiful T&H box on the table and without missing a beat says "it's not the little house box set but I think you will love it."


I was so shocked that it took me a minute to fully process what was happening. I thanked him for the ring before he could even propose! This proposal process is so us. We are silly. Our relationship is built on countless laughs.

He later confessed to me that he has been carrying around the ring for more than a month. He even took the ring on vacation with us but never felt like it was the right moment to ask me. He said that Calabasas was the first ring that I had showed him over the years that he loved. He also knew from the moment he saw it that this was the ring for us. He is so proud that he tricked me and was able to give me the ring of my dreams. I am so in love with him and receiving this amazing ring was the icing on the cake. We have gotten countless compliments about Calabasas, or Cali as I have been calling her. Not only is the ring stunning, but the fact that its about 90 years old makes it so much more special.

Congratulations, Jessy & Cody! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together with our special Calabasas ring! ♥

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