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Vintage Jewelry Care


Vintage and estate jewelry exhibits natural wear due to its age. Some of our jewelry is over 100 years old, and therefore must be treated as such! Natural wear is how we can tell that a piece is old and rich with history - vintage and estate rings can be especially fragile due to the amount of exposure they get over several lifetimes of enjoyment.


Your engagement ring is an investment that you and your partner have made to celebrate the decision to spend your lives together. Just like you would insure your house, car, or motorcycle, we strongly suggest getting your ring insured to protect against a potentially devastating situation. Trumpet & Horn highly recommends Perfect Circle Insurance to help ensure your ring is covered against loss, theft, damage, or mysterious disappearance.

Many newly engaged couples don’t think they need insurance - until they do! Whether it’s a lost stone, theft, or damage, insurance gives you peace of mind just in case the unthinkable happens. Don’t wait until it’s too late to insure your ring - applying online takes about 10 minutes at and quotes are provided for free within seconds.

Insurance is very affordable and typically costs between $50-$250 / year (depending on the value of your ring, the deductible you choose, and where you live). Click here for a free online quote, or click here to apply for an insurance policy from Perfect Circle Insurance.


Each Trumpet & Horn ring has been restored by our jewelers with the utmost care to not only secure the setting and the stones, but also to preserve the original integrity of the work that went into making it. Just like all new rings, vintage rings are not indestructible, and care should always be used while wearing them. To give your ring the care it deserves, we recommend not wearing your ring while: showering, washing dishes, cleaning, sleeping, exercising, gardening, or doing any other strenuous activity that you feel may cause damage to it!


Jewelry always looks best when it is clean. Grease and dirt like to stick to diamonds, so make sure to clean your ring regularly (at least once every few months) to keep it looking its sparkling, shiny best. To clean your ring at home, all you need is a soft, old toothbrush and warm soapy water.

If you have any questions about taking care of your jewelry, please don’t hesitate to ask us! With proper insurance, care, and attention, your ring should sparkle for a lifetime.

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